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Discussion in 'Chefs Corner' started by eman, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. eman

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    I need some info from some of you folks please.

     I am able to get fresh garlic in larger quantities for a good bit cheaper than i can get 3 or 4

    pods. If i'm just cooking around the house i can just smash a clove or two and chop it, but when cooking for large groups i may need 2 - 3 cups of garlic. .

     My question is can i chop the garlic real fine and FREEZE?

     I know i can buy the stuff in the jars and use it .To me it is not the same as fresh.

    Will i lose the fresh taste by freezing?

    Will it ruin the texture by freezing/

     Any suggestions ?

       Thanks, Bob
  2. shoneyboy

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    Interesting question that I have never thought of…..I would like to know too…..SB
  3. It can be frozen, but it won't taste the same as fresh.
    It's best to use fresh whenever possible.

  4. scarbelly

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    Drop a note to Dave Omark - he is our resident garlic expert. I know he dehydrates his and says it is very good. 
  5. venture

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    I, being in garlic country?  At least what little is still grown here rather than in China?  I prefer fresh.

    You could also prep it ahead.  Placing it submerged in olive oil and refrigerated would give you very very close to the fresh garlic flavor.  Then, the oil is a keeper, too.

    Be sure to refrigerate, or you could be happily growing botulism poisoning!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. chef jimmyj

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    How are you using it when you say 2-3 Cups? I buy Restaurant Supply 1/2gal, 5Lb, Peeled Cloves and get 2 months out of it in the original plastic container in the refer. You can freeze it, however it does change the flavor a bit, I find it slightly more bitter but still very usable. Processed or Minced in Oil is an option but it needs to be pasteurized by heating to 200*F stirring fequently.Cool quickly in an ice bath and store in the refer. The flavor is sweet and fragrant like garlic being sauteed. On a side note I am a huge fan of Roasted Garlic and will make up a pound or so at a time. I use it as a spread with Parm Reg Cheese and Chile Flakes on Bread, mashed into 'Taters, rubbed on to meats and as a saute oil/flavoring for veggies...JJ
  7. daveomak

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    eman, morning....  we freeze garlic every year....  I grow about 500 plants for fresh, dehydrated and freezing, and some for the neighbors... 

    To freeze, we break the heads into cloves then freeze on a sheet tray.... pack into bags and vacuum and store in the freezer...  Bride says she can't tell the

    difference from fresh even after a year in the freezer.... 


    To dry the garlic, Peel the cloves.... someone said shake in inverted SS mixing bowls and the skin loosens... haven't tried that trick yet but will be this July...

    After peeling, bride runs them thru the food processor with the thin slice blade, places slices on parchment in the SausageMaker D-10 dehydrator at 110-120 deg F....

    Takes about 3 days to dry at that temp but they look good.....  140-160 deg will give them a toasted flavor and color....  we do that with onions.....


    The onions were dried at 160....  the picture doesn't do justice to the nice nutty brown color.... and flavor....  and vacuumed in the jars...

  8. We plant a quite a bit of garlic here, about 5,000 plants last fall.
    If you can grow your own, you may want to look into keeping some 2 year old bulbils around. Bulbils are produced by the flowering head, or spathe.
    Depending on the cultivar, they may only have one small "clove" per head, but they have especially long keeping qualities.
    I've left un-planted bulbils sitting at room temperature for a couple years, and they were still perfectly viable for planting or fresh for eating.


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