Fresh Gag Grouper on the grill

Discussion in 'Grilling Fish' started by marlin009, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. I took some friends out fishing Wednesday and had an awesome day on the water. Perfect weather and this day the fish cooperated. [​IMG]

    Tonight, no turkey leftovers, grouper on the grill. Nothing fancy, marinate in some zesty italian salad dressing and slap it on. 

    Here is a pic on the hoof so to speak. That's my size 12 for some perspective. Did I mention it was a good day. [​IMG]

  2. Any day fishing is a good day, if you catch fish it's a better day, if you catch fish like you guys did, it's a great day [​IMG]
  3. Going on.

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    Looks great where are you fishing out of I had a friend tell me today he did pretty good trolling for grouper out of Panama City yesterday

  5.  I live in Hudson, about 30 - 35 miles north of Tampa Bay. Shallow water stuff, heavy spinning tackle throwing plugs and live/dead bait, never got over 10' deep.  It's a blast. [​IMG]

    Some more F View.



    Almost forgot.........damn that was good!!!
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    Cool you aren't far from me when I'm home in Crystal River
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    Man those are some good looking fish you have there Marlin. Grouper is one of my favorite fish.
  8. No, not at all. You have the same kind of water up there that we have, shallow for a long way. Plenty of grouper on the shallow rocks though, that's a good thing.
  9. Thanks, it was. Most of those came off of one spot in the last hour or so. First time we've gotten into them since the hard freeze last year. It's good to see them back.


    Thanks, mine too. They're fun to catch and great to eat.
  10. monoxide

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    looks great man. when i go to skyway i used to bring my little charcole grill and get groupers like that all day. nothing freasher then the fillets on the grill and watching the fish try to swim away or being used for shark bait.

    speaking of little grills i need to get a new one to take with me
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    Kill'm grill'm and eat'm dont get any easier then that

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