fresh chilis from South Dakota

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  1. Hey all..
    Been a while since I posted (seems like I've been busy with work, kids and camping) anyway, my uncle in South Dakota has a new hobby...some would call it gardening...I'd call it farming?!

    He planted a bunch of different chili's and peppers (among everything else?) he shipped my 5 boxes and is ready to ship me 5 more!

    He sent the following types (or as near as I can tell?)
    * Serrano
    * Jalapeño
    * Anaheims
    * Cherry peppers
    * Scotch Bonnet (Capsicum chinese)
    * Pablano
    * Yellow Peppers
    * Cayenne (although green, so maybe not ripe?)
    * Tabasco (made a mean salsa)
    * Purple and yellow pepper (not sure of name, but tastes great)
    * Hungarian Wax Peppers
    * Banana Peppers
    * Unknown 2-3 other varieties?

    He's gonna double check all his plants for type so I can cross reference!

    Here are some pics...I have 2 more 10-15# boxes in the downstairs fridge to sort...either way most are getting smoked, dried and bottled.



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  2. Nice haul! You have a really cool uncle!  [​IMG]
  3. I'd say he's grown on me as I've gotten older! He's always been very every way!
  4. In case those that don't know me or read any of my post are wondering why I'm so happy to have so many peppers/chiles....I smoke 'em!

  5. reinhard

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    Well, dont stop there!!! Tell us how you smoke them [temp, time ect] and what you do with them.  Tell me anyway LOL. What a haul!!! Got a great uncle there!!. Reinhard
  6. I smoke 'em at 140*F for about 8 hours then dry them (In the TEFS) for about 24-30 hours, depending on type of pepper...end up with different type of chipotle...

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice , if you get too many... send them to ME [​IMG]  [​IMG]

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