Freezing Propane Tanks?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by charredmeat, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. First post in SMF, and I apologize if it does not directly relate to smoking.  Recently scrapped my rusted old gas grill and purchased one of those Blackstone gas griddles. This thing is awesome, but the only problem is that the propane tank starts to freeze up after about 20 minutes of use - the flame slowly dies down as if the gas has run out.  I can pick up the tank,swirl it around, and feel the remaining LP inside of the tank, but the tank is frosted over and it is as if the LP has turned to slush.  

    So far in my research it seems that the griddle is drawing too much gas too fast causing the tank/LP to freeze up.  I have read that hooking up two tanks could help resolve the problem.  Not necessarily using one of those auto switch-overs like a travel trailer, but drawing from both tanks simultaneously.  Found this on Amazon that might get me started but was wondering if anyone else had this problem with a gas smoker.  I really do not want to shell out $400 for one of those electric blankets, so I am hoping the two tank method will be a more affordable solution.  

    Has anyone experienced this problem?  
  2. I think your device is not rated to match your tank. You probably need a bigger tank.
  3. Well the de-structions show and tell you to use a 20 gal tank, and the mount will only fit a 20 gal tank.  Im thinking its the regulator.  Ive contacted Blackstone and they should have one on the way shortly.  Thanks fort the reply!
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    Try placing your Propane tank in a bucket of water.
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    Can you fill out your location in your profile.. Its times like these it would come in useful to what region your at. What outside temps are you running your smoker in. Sqwibb has a great Idea with the water. If the temps are low and the gas flow is high the tank will start to freeze and reduce the flow until it stops. When you shook the tank did you notice the flame increase..

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