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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rvrivalkc, May 4, 2009.

  1. rvrivalkc

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    Not sure if this is correct topic, but it is pork

    I have several questions about freezing.
    • Has anyone gotten several cryo packs of ribs from Sams, cut them to St Louis style.
    Mustuarded them and added rib rub, THEN frozen to be BBQ later?
    If so, did you use vaccum bags? How long did you store? How did they turn out when BBQ?

    2.Same as above but with Pork Butts

    3. Has anyone BBQ ribs then frozen to eat later?
    If so, what procedure did you use? How did you reheat?

    4. Same as above in 3, but with Pork Butts-
    Did you pull before freezing, or freeze whole?
    • What freezer bags does everyone use?
    Do most use vaccum seal? What make model?

    THANKS for any help.

    My MES is in the LA ( Lower Alabama) and we will be going north for the summer (MES stays in LA) I want to take ribs and butts to eat during summer.

    Jerry Christie
  2. bassman

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    Just an opinion, but I think you'd be overdoing it a bit by freezing with the rub already on. I like to get mine ready fresh, rub, set overnight and smoke. In fact, I just picked up a three rack package of BBs from Sam's this morning. Just threw them in the freezer until a few days before use.
  3. smokebuzz

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    Actually, i prefer not to have frozen meat before being smoked, it does make difference. You probably would not want to apply mustard to meat and then freeze, vinegar in it may make it kinda nasty. I'm not opposed to freezeing it after cooking,as long as a sauce/glaze is cooked down.
  4. travcoman45

    travcoman45 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I leave mine in the cryopac ta freeze, will keep a long time that way.

    I wouldn't pre prep anythin an freeze it.

    As fer freezin finish products:

    Ribs, I would smoke em an leave the sauce off, cut the meat from the bone an vac bag an freeze. Add sauce when ya warm em up.

    Butts, Smoke em, pull em,add very little finishin sauce cause it will continue ta break down the meat. Put in vac bags an freeze.

    Now ta warm em up, I take a large pot, one that the bags won't touch the bottom, fill with water, bring ta a low boil, shut the water off an add in a bag a meat. Bring the temp up over 140°. Fer butts ya can now add more finishin sauce an fer ribs I would now add the sauce.

    As fer vac bags, I use Simply Smart Universal bags, cheapest I can get round here an cheaper then ebay er such when ya figure in the shippin. A good heavy duty bag. Use lots of em.

    I use a Food Saver V2840 vac sealer. Has worked really well fer me.
  5. desertlites

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    I smoke 2-3 year old meat all the time-very little diff than today bought meat-and don't rub first-heck thats what -5* is all about.
  6. Most of what Travcoman said, except for me I pull the pork, no finishing sauce at all, I add it once heated up in the bags. I still have some food saver rolls that I make my bags out, via Christmas present, when I run low, will check out the Smart saver bags for sure.

    I have used Food Saver for many years, since 1986, bought a new one several years ago, the newer one is Model V2860.

    good luck
    aka Rocky
  7. meatball

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    I have frozen both ribs and butts after smoking (briskets too actually).

    I pull the butts first, then vacuum seal with no finishing sauce on the meat. To reheat, I usually let the meat thaw put it in foil or a foil pan with some sauce and reheat it on the grill or in the oven. Just until the meat is hot, not cooking it more.

    The ribs I've vacuum sealed and reheated a similar way. I never sliced my brisket before freezing, but somebody on this board told me they do that and it comes out great, so I'm thinking I will slice first next time.

    I also store plenty of meat prior to smoking and just throw it in the freezer in the cryo, no pre-prepping. Works great, especially if you find a good deal.

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