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  1. First post to any forum.  I have a comm. 2 door side by freezer with inside cabinet approx. 6w x5h x2d. Been thinking about converting it to a smoker.  It has fiberglass insulation and external compressor on top outside.  I originally thought a hot plate type heat source would work, but after reading the posts on SMF, I now only know I don't know squat.  It may be too big for only one heating element and I don't have 220 available. Any suggestions?
  2. Thats got to be a really nice freezer get some pics of that big dog on here so we can truly see what you are dealing with. You have a bunch of options for that size of smoker it depends on what you want to USE it for or will it be too big for what you need? My first thought is fabricate a 3"-4" thick insulated sheet metal wall down the middle add a brinkman 1500w/120v element and a PID for heat control to one side for your smoker. You could use the other side for storage or a future build when 220v are available. Gas or Charcoal are possible too I'm sure someone with more experience will chime in soon.
  3. Splitting it up the middle sounds good.  Maybe generate smoke and heat on one side and move it somehow to the other.  Need to melt another 8-10" of snow to get up to it for pics but I will soon (I hope!!)   Why we live here in Wi. is beyond me. Brain juices musta froze up!
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    I built my double door SS commercial fridge build last year and bought a pellet hopper assembly from smoke daddy inc to use as my heat source and love it.  It will heat my smoker up, bought the same size as yours in minutes and is super efficient.  I live in Iowa and run it in zero degree weather just like it does in the summer.  I also use his magnum pig cold smoke generator and have had good success with it.  
  5. Hello all: This is my first post here. I am dealing with a similar build. I have a 2 door stainless fridge unit.I completely stripped it down and removed all the foam insulation. It has a great stainless door frame and 2 SS doors. It,s inside measurements are 48 inch wide 29 in deep 56 in tall. I'm am using mineral (rock) wool insulation. I am leaning toward electric heat and do have 220v power. I have been looking at the #49100 Heating Element for 100 lb. Electric Smoker from
    I was also looking at the element for a cloths dryer turning out 6000 watts. Anyone ever try that? Both would require a blower moving air through the element.
    This thing is nearly 40 cubic foot and I'm thinking it will need the 6000 watts this burner produces.
    Any suggestions?
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    Just a suggestion for all who are considering the larg SS freezer build. Unless you're running a restaurant or have a catering business I would find a way to make solid interior wall to make your heat and smoke more efficient when you only want to use 10 to 20% of it. Find Solid Shelvs that can serve as an interior walls and or deviders. There's no need to heat up the whole thing if you're only smoking for your family. Unless you have a whole platoon to smoke for. [​IMG]

    Just my two cents,
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  7. ​Thanks Pork Dork: That has crossed my mind and a way to par it down is a great idea. I do cook for large groups and do up to a hundred Canada goose and snow goose breasts at a time. I have been confined to my pit smoker for years and struggled with the lack of space.I am early in this build and your idea will definitely be kept in mind as I proceed. Thank you!    
  8. Hello folks. Dasbear pretty much has you both covered.  Get some picts uploaded and then sit back and you will get plenty of ideas thrown at ya..  I also don't have 220 available so I have opted for propane.  Now an upside to propane that I had thought about is that the whole unit CAN be portable.  NOT the easiest to load in the back of the truck, but can be done.  Now a double door MAY be impossible to load in a truck but I am also now thinking of building a small trailer and permanently mounting the smoker.  Something light enough to move by hand.  Just a thought.

    Hello Clayt.  You will need vents and a stack in that smoker so it SHOULD draw the heat upward eliminating the need for your blower.  Also, I see this is your first post.  Please take some time and swing over to Roll Call and introduce yourself so that we may give you a proper "Hello".  All info you can provide us with such as smoker type, location and so on will help us answer any questions you may have.  Keep Smokin!

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    Well here it is.I am using steel studs to have something to screw the liner to and to hold the bating. The studs fit perfect for the frame size and sized it down a little.It's home will be in the garage using the chimney which will have a pretty good draft.I would be interested in hearing what others have to say about an electric element for a unit this size(about 40 cubic ft)
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    How did you ever come out on this?  I have something very similar...  Still have not attempted the 220...  What element did you end up using and did it work?  If so, how long to get to temp and what are you temp ranges low to high?
  11. I just got my PIDs and other parts from Auber's. I went with a 5300 watt element that PappaPig recommended. You can see the link in this thread    I built the chimney part with a draft today and I still have to fit the doors and install all the parts but it's getting closer. There is also a picture of it at that thread but it's a download not sure why but it will open so you can take a look.
  12. Well after 5 months it is done and smoking and I couldn't be happier. Except for buying the wrong contacter every thing came together very nicely. The first smoke was ribs that were OK but needed more smoke. The next was Canadian Bacon that turned out great. I am doing a beef roast today.

    Thanks to everyone that helped with advice and to this forum for it's endless threads that I refer to BEFORE I COOK ANYTHING!

    As it turned out it's not to big at all. The 5300 watt element can heat it to 250 in less than 20 mins. Thanks Again!!
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    Very nice!

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