Freezer to Smoker Insulation Question

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by sthomas, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. sthomas

    sthomas Newbie

    Hi guys,

    So far this site has been the best as far as giving advice. I'm down here in Baton Rouge, LA. My Coldspot Freezer crapped out on me so I'm turning it into a fine smoker.

    I'm just about finished gutting it, so here's my question/problem that I see forthcoming.

    Once I put the insulation in and then the inner box back in, (I had to take out the edges holding those two in because it was made of plastic) what can I use to seal the outer box, insulation, and the inner box so the insulation is not exposed, and so I can shut and seal the door?
  2. backtothebush

    backtothebush Fire Starter

    I am experiencing the same issue with my fridge to smoker build. I decided to get some sheet metal cut and folded to fit, then use steel rivets to fasten everything.
  3. sthomas

    sthomas Newbie

    Thanx for the information

    Did it work?

    Where did you get your sheet metal from? what did you use to cut and bend it?

    Hopefully last question, but what do most people use to put on the door to seal it?
  4. backtothebush

    backtothebush Fire Starter

    I havent done it yet. I am currently looking into getting the sheet metal. The best door sealer is oven door gaskets. You can get them at home depot.
  5. sthomas

    sthomas Newbie

    Once again, thanx for the info

    I'll let you know how it turns out
  6. goliath

    goliath Smoking Fanatic

    as for a seal, i used the foam bulb seal from McMaster Carr, not that expensive and very easy to deal with. high temp food grade !!!!!
    for the cap to seal up where the plastic was, many have used aluminum flashing, again very easy to work with. i had the luxury of having friends with machine shops, and a fabricating shop that could make stuff up for me.
    some links 

    for the door

    my build

    GOOD LUCK !!!
  7. sthomas

    sthomas Newbie

    From your pics, it looks like we have the same freezer

    That black stuff is nasty

    That's what I am finishing up on now (I used goo-off and now I'm using lacquer thinner)

    I will prolly check out the flashing because I believe that might be the inexpensive way to go


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