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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by tim yoder, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. tim yoder

    tim yoder Fire Starter

    hi all so how do i make a smoker out of a fridge thanks 
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  2. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    scroll through posts and youll discover many of our builds showing steps, pictures, explanations and so on about how to build a smoker from a fridge.

    I recommend electric. smoke daddy smoke generator or amazin smoker tray. dual pid controller from auberins to control everything.

    remove all plastic and replace with metal. most often remove the old insulation and replace with Roxul. new door seals, original ones wont hold up to the heat.

    seal all holes in the original liner.
  3. Start  by removing everything it shouldn't have. Is it lined with enamel coated metal or something else?
  4. tim yoder

    tim yoder Fire Starter

    it dose have metal insides 
  5. madman mike

    madman mike Smoking Fanatic

    then your golden. see me earlier post.
  6. muralboy

    muralboy Smoking Fanatic

    In addition to the wealth of information you'll find in this forum, Smoke Daddy also has a few videos that cover a fridge conversion. They sell a set specifically for this application complete with a PID controller. Also you can talk to Dennis there - very helpful.

    Including a cold smoker is a good idea in case you want to do cheese. Both Smoke Daddy and Amazin offer some good options.

    If you go the Smoke Daddy pellet feeder route, go with a much heavier gauge steel for your deflector plate. Them you can set wood chunks directly on the plate to generate additional smoke for a heavier smoke or want to introduce a supplemental flavor.

    Good luck. Be sure to post pics
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  7. tim yoder

    tim yoder Fire Starter

    so how would propane work in a fridge smoker 
  8. I really don't know what kind of answer you're seeking here, so I'll give you some guesses.

    a.) Very well, if it is properly designed.

    b.) Very similar to a gas grill, only taller and better insulated.

    c.) Very similar to a gas oven, especially if you have a separate smoke source.

    d.) You put the burner at the bottom and you make sure it has a source of combustion air that can't be blocked off and no damper on the smokestack either.

    e.) If you don't have a separate smoke source, you'll want to burn chips in a cast iron pan.
  9. tim yoder

    tim yoder Fire Starter

    Thanks ceder eater for your reply gives me what I need to know I have not started on it yet just getting some ideas around
  10. tim yoder

    tim yoder Fire Starter

    hi all is there anyone hear in indiana from this form that would maybe help me with my fridge smoker build thanks
  11. tim yoder

    tim yoder Fire Starter

    thanks all for the help i have changed my mind going to build a smoke house instead

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