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  1. Just finnished new smoker. Used an old freezer this time.made this one run on 220 I took an oven apart used the heating element, reostat and temp sensor. It works great just dial up temp and holds it. Then made a smoke gen out of 4 inch stove pipe and air pump.Hopfully break her in next weekend with a batch of trout.[​IMG]
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    i would like to see more pictures of your smoker.
  3. . My freezer build is a lot like yours. If you want to save a lot of money go to your local appliance store or recycling center and get old digital oven. They usually give them away for little or nothing. I used digital dash and the heat element is bigger witch is what you need for larger freezer build. Instal thermostat and your ready to go for way less cost than buying all those expensive parts! Mine holds temps very good just like a good oven should!

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