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  1. So my wife has been asking me to organize the kitchen pantry for a while now and I decided that it would be a good time to throw together a custom rub.  I feel like every year (christmas, birthdays etc) I always receive gifts to the tune of rubs and sauces from my friends that know I like BBQ, and they have begun to amass in unmanageable quantity in the cabinet.  They run the gamut from San Antonio smokehouse rubs to Memphis, St. Louis and Lexington NC.  In addition to these there were large containers of various spices that I use to make my own rubs, all varying in levels of fullness.

    I opened 'em all up and emptied close to 15 of them into a mixing bowl, and added generous pours of this and that until I was happy with the taste and tossed them all together.  I found that initially it was way too salty (I feel like those pre-fab rubs all use too much salt) so I balanced it out with various amounts of paprika, black pepper, garlic power, onion powder, etc until I was happy with the flavor.

    To make things even better, Costco was having a sale on boston butts so I picked up a 16lb packer and rubbed it down last night with the frankenrub.  I'm currently 4 hours into the smoke in my Masterbuilt 30" gas smokehouse, I have a good feeling about this one!  Will follow up with photos and flavor commentary tonight after I pull.

    I feel like, with pork shoulder at least, this could be a win-win.  I might be a little more hesitant with a cut that holds more of the rub flavor, but with pork shoulder it's my opinion that it's all about the finishing sauce (I prefer an East NC-style vinegar-based sauce personally) and the rub sort of gets lost in the bark at the end of the day.

    Either way, the pantry is looking sharp now and the wife is happy, not to mention there is a great smell wafting through my windows right now.  I'd recommend doing this to anyone looking for a little spring cleaning and an excuse to fire up their smoker (not that we really need one ;)
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    Great! I've done that, too, all those shaker jars with just a spoonful or two left, combine them.

    I moved into this place last July and I already need to do a shelf-by-shelf cleanout of the pantry to inventory and sort what I have. Nothing should be spoiled yet.

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