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  1. Just bought my ok joe highland and looking to put the I think it's expanded metal grates on. I've searched a few threads but I'm hoping to get some specifics on what's needed to buy to build it. The material is what I'm looking for. I hope to have two grates but what size square tube / or angle should I buy ( and I've searched lowes / hope depot for both are those decent to buy and I believe I seen the expanded metal sheets are the #9 3/4 ? Please correct me if I read it Wrong. Also could o use the same expended metal I buy for grates to build my charcoal basket. Any info be great.
  2. I have built a charcoal basket with the expanded metal grates from Home Depot and it's been working fine. Also I'm sure I have seen a thread on here that has had all measurements, pictures and type of material used. Keep looking in the threads and hopefully you will come across it, check you tube as well.

    Sorry I can't be a little more exact,
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  3. I've looked over few spots and youtube as a general found a few. So we see what happens. After I buy the grates and have them build I think I season those up also ? I wonder about maintenance if they sit for a while. Again I'm new so sorry if I'm asking same things and yes I have searched maybe I'm wording it wrong in the search bar

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