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Discussion in 'Pork' started by papa t, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. I had some extra time this weekend due to the Fourth of July so I thought I would try my first real low smoke on the pork butt she normally I smoked my pork butts at 275 to 300° because I don't have a lot of time but on Sunday I started one at 10:00 PM at 225° and smoked it all the way till the next day for the Fourth of July and it finished at 1:00 PM in the afternoon and inside temperature of 204 and it was awesome I don't mean to pat myself on the back but I will on this one received a lot of compliments from a lot of people that I just met on how well the pork was smoked I'd call that a success.
    I first injected it with the mixture of orange juice apple juice apple cider vinegar onion powder Worcestershire sauce hot sauce tola house seasoning. Then I boiled them altogether then let it come to room temperature and then injected the pork butt then I covered it with the all faithful yellow mustard and then with the tola house seasoning . Then I went ahead and wrapped it in cling wrap and put it in the fridge for around 4 hours then i pulled it out and added some bacon to it since i was smoking it all night that way i would not have to keep squirting it with a spray bottle every 90 minutes or so.
    Here are some pictures hopefully you enjoy them .

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and I want to personally thank everybody on the site who's made me an awesome smoker in my own mind LOL thank you
  2. hardcookin

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    That looks like it turned out pretty darn good!! Nice smoke!!
  3. b-one

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    That looks barkalicious,nice job!:drool
  4. Thanks i really appreciate it
  5. smokinal

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    That's some good looking PP, my friend!!

  6. Thanks Al
    This site and people like you have really helped me turn the smoker up a notch
    Thanks again papa t
  7. sauced

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    Nice job.....some really delicious looking PP!! [​IMG]
  8. Thanks sauced.

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