Found what I think is a good deal on Morton Kosher salt.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eddisabledvet, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Hey guys and gals, I am an Amazon Prime member so I get free 2 day shipping on items.  I try to look there for deals on just about everything. 

    I do not work at Amazon and I am not plugging them.  I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what I found. 

    Morton Kosher Salt 12 pack of 3 pound boxes for 31.49 dollars

    Their 16 ounce size in a 12 pack is 19.87 dollars. 

    I do not have a place to buy it around here for a discount like some can, so this price was a lot cheaper than the grocery stores here. 

    I hope I do not make anyone mad by posting this, again, I am just trying to help people save a little money if possible. 

    I do not know if salt goes bad or not, but if it does, then maybe someone lives close and you can split them 6 and 6. 
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  2. woodcutter

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    No need to apologize for posting a tip! That's what the site is all about.  The Morton site has a conversion chart so you can use the correct amount of a different kind of salt for a recipe. Pickling salt is used the same as kosher salt as far as how much you use. Pickling salt has a finer grind than Kosher and it is much much cheaper. Works in a salt shaker too.
  3. jckdanls 07

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    If i'm not mistaken... thinking you'll get a discount through SMF... will have to look into that... plus it helps support the forums ....
  4. jaxrmrjmr

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    Never question posting a deal on here.  I'm sure many folks will take advantage of it.  Thanks.
  5. I was not too sure how big a deal it was and I do not want to spam is all.  I will look into the pickling salt thing but I read in an older forum on here that sea salt is too expensive (I agree we use it as table salt in our house) and the other types are finer and for some reason, doesn't work as well in rubs.  I guess in a brine it would work pretty good. 

    Hey, while I am at it, what does everyone mean by MOP?
  6. Hey, Jck Danls 07, what do you mean, sorry, didn't completely understand the discount thing.  Are you saying that we can order through this site somehow and get a discount? 

    I know that has added Amazon and you can get rebates through there, which I continue to forget to do, but still, I would love to know what you find out.
  7. ismoke

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    Pickling salt is better in brines because it dissolves in cold water.

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  8. venture

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    That looks like a good deal on Kosher Salt to me?

    Any non-iodized salt is fine for brining, just be sure it gets dissolved and adjust for the density or mass of the salt you are using.

    Salt will not spoil, it is basically from a semi-rock that has been around a lot longer than we have.

    However, some salts have an added anti-caking agent which keep them from clumping up during long term  storage, especially where humidity is a problem.  Real technical terms right there! [​IMG]

    For that reason, I like Mortons better than Brand C, even though the salt itself is only different in grind.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  9. It's an okay deal considering the "free" shipping, but honestly, you don't need to spend that kind of money on should be able to easily find a 25 lb. bag of non-iodized granulated salt for about +/- $5.00!!!


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