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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ron petersen, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Good afternoon Ron,

      I'm just stating on a reverse flow myself, and it's going to be a permanent structure. The inside of both my FB and CC are going to be lined with firebrick. I ran my numbers on the calculator accounting for the firebrick and the square inches that it used up. I would do that as well if I were just putting it in the fire box. Firebrick is 2.5 inches thick and that adds up to a lot of square inches off of your original measurement if you weren't using them. My 2 cents. Good luck!
  2. Got a trailer, was told it was an old camper. Steel on it is kind of thin, will have to see how it works, otherwise I'll take the steel off and redo the frame. After all it was free. Took the plywood sheets off it. Here is a photo.

    3 day weekend, hopefully I'll get something started. Have free dump day and loads of landscaping to do, roof to put on, etc. etc. etc...

    Have a wonderful weeknd.

  3. Trailer, now you will start getting somewhere
  4. Going to head out this morning to get some of the plate cut to size.

    Just got a couple AR400 3/8" steel sheets, planning on using it for the sides.

    Anyone have any tips or pointers for welding this stuff onto the 1/2 " steel plate?

    Decided to make my firebox 32x26x19 as this is what I have in scrap steel in different sizes. Trying to make the best use of it all.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


  5. What a day, spent a good part of the day figuring out how I was going to build the firebox. Changed a few things around. Gotten most of the steel cut, decided not to use the AR400 steel just in case. Don't want to have to redo it. Will be looking for 2 pieces for the FB sides.

    Changed the FB size as I am going along understanding what I need, etc. The plate you see is not welded yet, just for looks.

    Hope to get most of it done this weekend.

     Here are some photos.


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  6. Any ideas to how I can add a propane burner for direct heat and not have issues when using the FB?
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    SQWIB and others have done this.......    PM SQWIB for details.......

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    5/16/13 at 10:40am

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    Here's mine
    • Test run no RF plate
    • This burner was made removable.
    • Locking plate.

    Reverse Flow plate installed.I only have one pic but the way it is designed is there's a plate with a hole for the pipe then there's a 1/3rd piece of black pipe that angles upward from the bottom of the pit to just below the circle in the plate.

    This allows me to THREAD the burner in place if it is removed.

    Hope this helps.

    • Full blast no RF Plate yet.
    • Drain/Intake hole in bottom I added this for two reasons, First was to drain and 2nd was for extra air intake if needed, I was afraid the flame would choke under the RF plate.

    Log Lighter, this s removable as well

  8. This is pretty much what I am looking for, except I would like to mount it above the RF plate as the RF plate will be welded in. Unless I am not supposed to weld in the plate?

    Can you get me specs or how the burner is designed assuming you used a pipe? I guess I wouldn't mind buying a bbq burner if needed, just need ideas on how this is supposed to hook up to propane? I am also guessing that the gas line will have to be disconnected when using the FB.

    Getting more great ideas. Was going to get started tomorrow but wife reminded me we were going to the Medora Badlands (quality family time and picnic).

    Thanks again guys

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    Ribwizzard has a design for above the RF plate...  I saw it when searching for SQWIBS.....    If you put it above the RF plate, you will have a very narrow zone of heat to cook with.....   Just thinking out loud......    Dave
  10. Finally got to the shop and almost finished the box. Talk about HEAVY. Shop foreman said I need a semi to haul this thing. Nothing wrong with overkill. The box is 1/2" plate steel, I'll be doing the door this weekend and looking for ideas for the trailer as the frame is kinda funky. It's an old camper trailer with thin frame material. Might just temporary put on trailer so I can use this winter and redo trailer in spring after I collect more materials or build a new trailer.

    Gonna figure out the intake vents, like to have top and bottom. Have a lot of space on top for a warming box or maybe cut open for a direct heat bbq. Using a 6" stack. Need to install door weights. 

    If i remember correctly, I made the box a little bit bigger to add firebricks.

    No hurry, just want to start smoking.

    If I missed anything, please chime in.

  11. Need help on the firebox intake opening. Little lost to what the calculator is wanting? The firebox is 24x20x32 with the option of adding brick at a later time. Is the calculator asking for total air inlet regardless of where the intake is or is it asking for total air inlet under the fire?

    Calculator shows I need 1.77 2"x13" intake or 2 of them. I plan on putting them on the door side 1 on top and 1 on bottom using a strip of 2"x13" hinged and using a bolt with handles to make air adjustments.

    In case I need to make any changes, I can just change out the door.

    Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    FB air inlet about 30 sq. in. below the fire grate, and another inlet across from the FB/CC  opening  about 8 sq. in. ...


    Exhaust stack.....   5" X 32" above the CC......

    FB/CC opening about 125 sq. in.  ....   that number will be met with a height above the bottom of the CC of 7".....   that's where the RF plate should be installed and the RF plate should be about 25 1/4" wide and be 7-8" short of the end of the CC...
  13. Perfect, Thanks Dave. Will give it a shot. Ended up staying home helping the wife and getting things ready before the snow flies. At least the door can be built at any time. Need to go buy couple more hinges, misplaced the first set.
  14. Dave

    the drawing you sent me on here shows a plenum setup for good exhaust flow. Got to thinking about it, I want to keep the FB top available for any future use such as a cook top, bbq or warming box.

    Original thought was to go ahead and put the 5" stack thru the tank on top mostly towards the rear. Second thought was what you drew up, but to have it go out the right rear of the tank to save the FB top. Hope this makes sense?

    Assuming the plenum is a much better way to go for better flow, how do I figure the piping length and plenum box size for proper flow? Do I make the plenum box and pipe total exhaust flow?

    The firebox is 20x35x24 and may use firebrick later. Not sure as it's 1/2 thick plate.

    According to the calculator and FB size if stack goes thru the top of tank will be total of 42" (hope I have that much pipe)?


  15. daveomak

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    Here is another option....   On your tank, it will be difficult at best, to install....    Dave

  16. Good idea. Assuming the angle of the pipe will help pull the heat/smoke out faster? Just like the plenum box? I can install the pipe like you have shown at an angle. I assume I keep the length of the pipe at 42" if cut at an angle?

    Just looking for the best option as I am learning all about smoking. Already looking for more materials for a second one. And wood, it's hard to find wood up here in North Dakota, I can get oak and ash firewood but have to drive 350 miles one way. Will keep looking, Menards has bags of chunks, can throw on briquets. Maybe get the heat from the oil field flares across my yard (about a block away).

    Hopefully I can get to the shop today to do more work on smoker. Going to work on FB door and vents, and hopefully the cooking racks. Been looking at whole chicken at the store and thinking on how I can make a rotisserie setup into the CC.


  17. WOW, Could not believe I started this back in March. Finally almost done. Got the stack, cooking grate, door intake vents, etc. done. Just need to get a door handle made so the door stays closed and ind a way to make the intake vents adjustable. Went ahead and welded the firebox to the trailer, got tired of broken straps.

    Got a bunch of scrap wood and burned it to 550 degrees for about an hour to burn all the oils and whatever gunk was inside. Going to get some meat and fat scraps to "season" the unit.

    The door is removable so I can make a new door with different vents or ??? Hoping by next weekend I can find some wood to do my first cook, not sure what to do but I am in the mood for some ribs.

    What can I use for a rotisserie motor? Like to try some whole chicken.

    Open to ideas or suggestions.

  18. Have you smoked anything on it yet?

  19. No not yet, just need to season the smoker. Going to coat it with veggie oil heat it hot then find scrap meat and fat to finish seasoning.

    just finished and fired it yesterday. Now I need to find some wood.

    Being in North Dakota, NO TREES, most of the hardwoods are about 300 miles away. Going to keep looking and also go to neighbors for the fruit tree branches, etc.
  20. Stayed in Williston While we were working on a plant in Sidney MT.  No rooms in Sidney


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