Found an interesting site about UK food history with some cool recipes.

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  1. danmcg

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    I was looking for some info on a classic pork pie recipe and came across this site.

    Figured I should share it with y'all.
    It has a lot of traditional British, Irish, Welsh and Scottish recipes and some good history to go with it. I've been checkin it out for an hour now....If ya be into this kind of stuff ..........Enjoy!!
    A lot of it sounds like good chow.
  2. rivet

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    Hey thanks for the link and the heads up. I've been to that site for over a year now, and it is great and full of wonderful foods to make and experiment with.

    If you're interested in old timey recipes and forgotten ways of making foods, check this place out. It is not only neat, it is a gen-you-wine historical place!

    Major kudos to you Dan for sharing this! Much appreciated. Thumbs Up
  3. michael ark

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    Thanks for shareing.I have saved it to my favorites.To all you brewers they are recipes for you too.[​IMG]
  4. mballi3011

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    Thanks Dan. It looks like an interesting site.
  5. africanmeat

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    Cool thanks¬†[​IMG]

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