Forth of July Weekend...who's lighting what on fire?

Discussion in 'Michigan Members Group' started by doodleq, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Happy 4th, folks!
    So who's cooking what over the next few days?
    I've got 9 slabs of St. Louis on deck for a get together at the house today, and I'm cooking 3 packers and some chicken on Saturday for our friends' kid's Open House...that will be a long day!
    Enjoy, and remember what kind of bravery it took 237 years ago for a group of men to take an undeveloped, underpopulated, and unindustrialized land and break away from a world power at the risk of their lives and fortunes.
  2. Work most of the weekend at the fire station, plan on bring the Weber in and smoking some pork. Going to make pulled pork grilled cheese with fried pickle sandwiches
  3. tatuajevi

    tatuajevi Fire Starter

    I smoked some of Dutch's wicked baked beans yesterday for a party we went to. This afternoon I think I'll smoke some butterflied chickens if the weather cooperates!

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