For those who have done all the mods?

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  1. For those who have done all the mods and can truely contol air flow and temperature, how much of a temperature change can you swing on a single fire pan during a smoke? How low and high are you able to get your temps? Thanks guys, just curious what this little smoker can do when decked out.
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    I'm usually able to hold the temp between 200-250 consistently, but it's not a "set it and forget" for me at all. I don't fret if the temps swing below 200, I know my smoker enough to know how to slowly build it back up to 225. Usually if I get a high swing in temp and it gets into the 275-300 range I can knock it back down by removing the unit from over the charcoal pan and removing about 1/3 of the coals and shutting the damper on the lid. That usually does the trick and when I set it back over the charcoal pan the temps normalize back to around 225.

    I bought one of those galvanized fire pit rings from the hardware store to place around the bottom of the unit on windy days (or if I'm just having an off day and having a hard time holding the temp down), as sometimes too much air gets up into the unit when its real windy and you have to keep the airflow down by restricting it somehow. 

    No 2 ECB's and their mods are the same so everyone has different tendencies and idiosyncrasies. Through experience you'll get to know your ECB and it will become much easier with every smoke. 
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