for sale homeade barrel smoker on trailer

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by bowtieracin, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. bowtieracin

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    i have a homeade meat smoker it's an aluminum barrel that's 4' tall and 41''across. It has 4 shelves of expanded metal they remove so you have 4 hanging rods per shelf making it very versatile! It works great i used gas heat. Heats very evenly the racks turn so it makes it easy to load/ unload and you can also turn during cooking if you wish for a more even smoke. Yes it is on a golf cart for trailer i combined both of my hobbies got a tongue on the trailer to pull it around for easy moving. $325.00 call only please at 641 485 2246 START CLTAGS in central Iowa
  2. sqwib

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    I must say, that is one of a kind.

    are you sure the barrel is aluminum.

    Aluminum reacts with certain foods.
  3. eman

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    hmmm never heard that before . What foods does aluminum react with???
  4. sqwib

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    Acidic foods, have you ever had a tray of food with a tomato base sauce covered in foil, it will eat a hole through the foil, I always wrap with plastic wrap if it has a tomato base.

    Last time I did ribs I covered in HD foil, forgot all about using the plastic, next day there were holes eaten away thru the foil.

    Vinegar based stuff will do the same and sometimes will leave behind an off taste.
  5. harryho

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  6. sqwib

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    Toxicity never crossed my mind, and if its seasoned, the food shouldn't react with it anyhow.

    It is pretty cool!
  7. bowtieracin

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    The barrel is the only aluminum on or in it. I seasoned it ans have smoked in it did 80lbs of deer stix,summer suas,brats and weiners and ate alot of it and i ain't sick or dead yet!! hehehee
  8. chefrob

    chefrob Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    pretty interesting set up...........
  9. bbqnuts

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    Do you take that out on the course with you :)

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