For my first smoker!!!

Discussion in 'For New Members' started by jerevil, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    So as a belated Fathers Day gift, Mrs. Evil came home with my new Weber Smoky Mountain 18.5" smoker last night!

    I've been wanting a smoker for about the last 5 years so needless to say I am excited.

    Now I understand I should do a "dry run" or 2 first, right? Any tips on coal (briquettes vs lump)? Going to start with some leg quarters and turkey legs for the 4th.

    Looking forward to getting into the world of delicious smoked meatery!!!
  2. Jer, the pros often suggest using lump charcoal, but if you are just getting started you might just use briquettes as lump burns hotter/faster and can make fire management more difficult. Just a thought. Enjoy your new smoker.
  3. Evil, posted my response to your question in the Roll Call forum.

    Jeff, LOL -- I just told him in the other forum to go with lump since my experience was the other way around. Kingsford briquets run hotter for me. 

    Either way, you'll get heat and you'll need to control it.  See my response in the other thread.
  4. jerevil

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    Lol! Thanks guys. I did 2 dry runs to burn off the manufacturers oils and what not. Was able to manipulate the vents to adjust temp up and down.

    Got 8 nice sized turkey legs to put on for the 4th. In a brine overnight.
  5. There's just something wrong with a guy named Evil learning how to control a fire and smoke flesh, but glad you've figured it out. Good eats ahead.

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  6. jerevil

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    Lol! The turkey legs and chicken came out great! Well received by the family! Better than the BBQ we have here in Vegas.

    Brisket will be next.

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