Food warmer- any thoughts on this??

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by metikki, Jan 11, 2014.

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    I was given this hospital food warmer. There are however no tags identifying it but a Hobart label- no serial numbers etc...

    I put a 3" stack on the top and I plan on using a double hot plate warmer. The warmer still works and has reached 200 deg so I was told.

    My question is this:  I have 6 racks that were in it but they looks like they are galvanized. I tried to scrub one rack and it doesn't change the patina of the grates.

    would Hobart use galvanized grates for a food warmer?? I want to make jerky but I'm afraid of using these grates. Ive called several local junk yards and nobody has used oven racks. Its been frustrating.

    I'd like to keep the warmer capabilities. Any ideas on this project would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I use a food warmer similar to this. I bought sheet pans and grates online from a place called food wharehouse. I looks like your missing the side rails needed to slide the pans into.

    I can smoke a lot of meat with it. Love the warmer.
  3. Sorry. Called food service wharehouse. Very good service from them.
  4. metikki

    metikki Newbie

    thanks KFC!  Actually there are small hooks that hold the racks in place but I'm willing to modify
  5. Fsw seems to have everything and with good prices. You should find everything you need there.
  6. metikki

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    I'm wondering if the original racks would be galvanized- as it appears they are?? Maybe just discolored from years of use. I've been trying to call Hobart to get an answer

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