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  1. jdsmith

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    OK, so here's what I've come across. The foodsaver on the first page of that link is either the V3440 or V3480 model, which both have horrible reviews on Amazon. But I looked at some of the other models from that link, and the prices seemed really good compared to other sites. After research, in my opinion, the V2460A is the best bang for your buck, and has really good reviews on Amazon compared to some of the other models. Here is the Amazon link to the V2460:

    On Amazon, the V2460 is no longer available. There is only 1 used one available for $150.99

    But on Ron's link, it is available for $129.99 brand new, and comes with a few extras. It also appears orders over $100 are free shipping on Ron's link.


    The V2440 actually had the best/most reviews on Amazon, but is not available on Ron's link. It must be an older model.

    Does anyone own the V2460??? I think I'm gonna pull the trigger and get it!

    Thanks Ron for the link!!!!!!!
  2. I have been in the market for a sealer for quite a while now. I was ready to pull the trigger on this one. I just got done looking at the reviews. Man, it sounds like this thing is really terrible!!!!

    Anyone here own one? Thoughts?
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    All i know is that i had an old one that worked for many years and worked good. Just the basic unit. no options of any kind. If finally crapped out last year during deer season. Needing one that night i ran to wally. Got the only one they had i think around $150 got it home. First few bags great...then the thing over heats and you have to let it sit in between seals. WTF? Its a huge pain and really slows you down. Oh yeah, it looks like the one in the first link in this thread. Dont know the model # for sure tho.
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    Actually I have one of each of those models one at the house and the other at camp and they both work well. Like most of them if you try to seal to many bags to fast they will overheat and make you wait a bit till they cool down. My next one for camp will be the continuous cycle but of course they are more money and most of the time the V2440 or V2460 are fine
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    If you treat them right they last forever - mine is so old it is a 1065 model and it still rolls along nicely - One tip - make really big bags and you can keep using them for a long time just cutting the one strip off the end where you sealed it

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