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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gorillagrilla, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Ya know how it's always said to put poultry on the bottom rack if yer smokin other stuff at the same time so the raw juices wont drip on the other food ? So is it o.k. to wrap a raw stuffed chicken breast with raw bacon before smoking ? ( saw smokin365 was planning this as was I in the future,but didnt wanna hijack the thread ) seems it would be fine but gotta ask.
  2. rtom

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    I have seen it done at our local meat market so I would think it would be ok.
  3. smokin' dick

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    Jeez, I dunno. We all do wrap our Fattys in raw bacon, and as long as your internal temp is good I would think it is OK. I'm no scientist though.
  4. I would think so too ,but poultry is not pork sausage.But if everything is cooked ,whats the problem. Dono , hadda throw the question out there.[​IMG]
  5. geek with fire

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    My thought on that is, bacon is the thinnest thing in the cooker, so it's going to be done first. I lay strips of bacon when I cook chicken breasts in boats. The bacon is always well cooked by the time the chicken breasts are done.
  6. buzzard

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    i always thought you put the chicken the closest to the fire was because it cooks differently. you gain no benefit with chicken with a slow and low cook, in reality.

    i was taught, from this forum, to smoke your chicken between 300-350. it helps keep the skin from being so rubbery.

    i figured this made since soley because with other meats you can pull them, i have never heard of pulled chicken. however if there is a way let me know because i would love to try it.

    i guess as long as the drippings did not stay in the danger zone to long it would be ok.

    but what do i know, i just make stuff up as i go along and hope it sounds good[​IMG]

  7. Dont know what yer missin. I prefer pulled chicken to pork anyday !Like pulled pork but LOVE pulled chicken.If ya see a whole chicken in my smoker ya can bet its gonna end up pulled ! mmmmm
  8. johnnyreb

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    oh yea i do pulled chicken all the time

    either do whole chickens or my favorite is leg quarters, smoke them till done and pull into pieces like you would a butt and put on a bun and enjoy!!!!

    you can cook these at low temps (220*) cause you generally toss the skin
  9. chef_boy812

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    Buzzard; rigt on buddy!!! that is what I was told as well about cooking at a higher temp to crisp up the skin.

    But for Gorillagrilla: You are thinking in the right direction!!! You don't want chicken goo on your brisket because The brisket will be in contactr with the goo longer than 4 hours in the temperature danger zone( 40 to 140 f.) and that would be bad.

    but as far as mixed meats are concerned, the bacon will be long done befor the chicken is for 2 reasons. The bacon is mostlikely cured and is technically cooked anyways, and the temperature rises from the outside in, that is why we take the internal so while the internal might read 135 f. the external is just a few degrees below the ambiant temp.

    Let's say I have a chicken stuffed fattie; I would make sure the chicken gets to 160 f. in the middle and the only thing on the surface to worry about is overcaramelization.

    sorry about rambling on, I used to help teach ServeSafe classes, and I like to be technical, because Food bourne illness is dangerous stuff. and the bacteria are mutateing all the time. E coli 0157 h7 is the nasty one from jack'n'the box and the recent pepper problems is a relitively new bacteria, and has only been around less than 10 years.

    please be careful, but keep on cooking!!!
  10. All makes sense. Though I think in a fatty I would just pre - cook the chicken a bit or all the way just for giggles.[​IMG]
  11. chef_boy812

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    I havn't made one myself, but I did see some one but a raw butterflied breast with fixn' inthe middle and roled her up with sausage.

    sounds like a good time. but precooking offers peace of mind. and sometimes that's all I have.... apiece of my mind, dunno where the rest went.[​IMG]
  12. richoso1

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    What he said.

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