food safe silicone for prep table....?

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    I scored some scrap stainless steel sheets from a job site today... one 8x4.. then 4 2x2ft pieces and some railings (about 8ft long.. not sure how wide. . Maybe 8").. I have the worlds smallest kitchen plus negative counter space.. thought about making a foldable or easly tear down prep table.. maybe the 2x2 on both sides of a butcher block or cutting board of sort... ..
    My question... sealing the cracks either between the metal plates and the cutting board.. or just if I go with two of the stainless pieces butted next to each other.. anyone ever built a diy prep table if so how to seal the cracks for easy clean up and smooth transition. Im sure I can google my question. .. just wondering food safety wise and yalls expertise. . What would be a way to combine my joints on the top of whatever design I go with?

    Thanks ..
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    Never mind.. goodle good. Food grade epoxy... read instructions. . Let cure.. bonus. . Thanks.
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    Show pics.....I have you beat with the Small Kitchen...I swear who ever built this house we are in....forgot and said "Oh Crap....we forgot to put in a kitchen!"

  4. Why not weld the pieces together.  Then clean the seam up.  If you use source material as you welding rod, you will not be able to notice the seam.  And by source material, I mean cut from the pieces you have on hand, those very panels.

    I went and measured my Kitchen, it is 7 feet wide, 11feet 1 inch long with 8 floor ceilings, in a hallway basically.  It is very small.  Double sink,  6 feet of counter space on one wall, a Big fridge, with the freezer  on the bottom, on the other wall, a free standing double door cabinet with a  42 inch counter on top, with windows about 3 inches above the counter surface.  On either side of this cabinet are stools.  The walking room down the middle is just under 42 inches
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