Food Components: Nutritional Values, Benefits & Negative Impacts of Recipe Ingredients for Healthy C

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    Do you have queastions about recipe/food ingredients you are using, or wish to use, for healthier eating? With some of the food items we use to cook, it may become unclear as to weather or not we should be eating it, or how it effects our overall health. Certain foods are highly beneficial, while others offer much less value to our health. Then, there are those which would be considered by most as something to be eaten very sparingly, or in reasonable moderation...these are usually the obvious ones, but what about those we aren't so sure about?

    There are also certain brands of processed food which, comparatively, we may find to be of lesser nutritional value, or more importantly, higher negative impact, than another label brand, due to added preservatives, excess sodium, etc. Do you compare brands and read the labels, research the product online or ask others for their opinion before you buy?

    Share the info and get opinions from those more knowledgable on the subject, either by means of their education or personal experience, of what is in our food ingredients and how it impacts our health, good, bad or neutral, depending on what your dietary goals are based upon, and the nutritional value in general.

    Fire away, and we'll all get more educated in the process!

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    I was thinking about making some beef and barley soup in the near future, and started to wonder what the nutritional differences were between other starchy items, say pasta, rice and barley.

    I've used this site's resources for quite awhile now, so today I popped the page up from my bookmarkas and went to work. What do all these values really mean for the beneficial diet?

    I'm not very well versed in all the components of the sat-fat, polyunsat-fat, monounsat-fat, and not sure how much of the mineral content and other components is enough or too much.

    I really loved my mom's beef and barley soup from 30+ years gone by, and want to know if this is something I would want to eat regularly, or if the barley has a beter counterpart, such as rice?


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