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  1. I read a post in here a bit ago that said to make sure and wrap the probes of your ET-73 with foil. May I ask the significance of this? I assume this is just for ease of cleaning, and I do understand that the thermal dynamics of wrapping them won't significantly change the reading. I just ordered one of these thermometers and have the curiosity about me.
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    I never heard that one before , so I'm curious also. I know some will protect the lead where it passes the lip of the door with a wad of foil so it doesn't get pinched, is that what you're talking about? either way someone will be along to set us straight.
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    Maybe someone with more expertise will be along to help, but I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that your not suppose to allow the probes to touch metal, because it can fry it/short it out? I don't know for sure if it's true, but just to be safe, I'm always careful to not let mine touch any metal while I'm using it. (Foil IS metal, isn't it??[​IMG] )
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    What he said ^^^^^^ To protect the wire ...
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    Not the probes, but the braided wire leads that go to them. Wrapping them in foil keeps the heat and smoke and residue from coming in contact with them. Over time this can make them brittle, (the wires inside the braiding). Foil acts like an insulator. Take some foil as long as your leads, cut in in half length wise. Take each piece and fold it in half length wise until about 2" wide. Then wrap your braided leads in it up to the probe. Will extend the life of them quite a bit.
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    This is what they are talking about. I noticed it the other day but didn't see the exposed wire since it was dark.

    I think I caught in time I hope.

    Thanks for getting me off my butt and doing it.

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