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  1. Hello,

    I'm a native Oregonian that move away from my home state in 2003 after joining the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. Most of my time in was spent in VA, and NC. In Or. my knowledge of BBQ was limited to burgers and dogs on a small grill. I didn't learn about real BBQ tell I was stationed at Camp Lejeune NC. after going to my first pig pickin. After that every where I went I was looking for bbq joints. I did a bit of training in TX and really enjoyed that style of BBQ as well. So outside of Va. NC. and TX I have not tried much of other area's style. 

    In 2014 I left the Navy and returned to Oregon and bought my first smoker. Its a CampChef pellet smoker and Its been ok for me learn the basics on but after 2 years of running it I'm ready to move on to my first build and use split wood for fuel. You will see me post around on the forums and starting topics trying to suck up all the information that you old salts have to pass on. 
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  3. Thanks for the warm welcome DS and I have already posted up my first question haha. I'm down in the Rogue Valley what part of Oregon are you setting on?  I skimmed over your link and I like what I saw. I will be pulling from it in days to come. 
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    I'm in Bend. Born and raised here. We cruised through the Rogue valley a month or so ago to see a concert in Grants Pass. Always like making the drive from Crater Lake to Grants pass.
  5. cool. Yea I'm just south of Grants Pass in Rogue River. My grand parents use to live in Beaver Marsh just south of you when I was younger and I spent a lot of summers up there and camping at Diamond lake. Lost of lodgepole around there. What did you end up using for smoking?
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    We probably drive right past your house! We avoid the freeways as much and possible and take the back roads. We slid under I-5 and drive up the river.

    Well I have a Great Outdoor Smoky Mountain (GOSM) propane smoker, a UDS, a 18.5" WSM, and four Mini-WSM's & a Little Chief Smoker for hot smokers. For cold smokes I use the GOSM with the smoke tubes from Amaze N Smokers (he's a sponsor here). In my mega thread you can see most of my smokers and modifications. I plan on making an electric smoker just for sausage and jerky very soon.
  7. just read threw your CasaQ. Pretty bad ass bring history back to life. last Few days I have been surfing craigslist look for a cast iron stove to use as my fire box. Also maybe ill get lucky and one of the scrap yards will get a 200-500 gallon propane tank in that I can use and pass on the drums. Also sorry for not being more clear when I was asking about smoke before. I wanted to know what wood are you using from your area.   

    As for me this is my CampChef Im rocking right now. We call it Chia pet. One winter day I was smoking and it started to rain and this thing doesn't hold heat at all so I threw a Shipping blanket on top of it to insulate it. Well with the rain already on the outside of the smoker and then throwing on the blanket it just glued its self to the outside of the smoker. After lots of scrubing it forever a lot of the fuzz came off but still got a way to go.

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    I use lots of different wood when smoking. Really depends on the meat I am cooking. Cherry, Apple, peach, pecan, alder, kiawe at some of my favorites. Many times I mix them. For bacon I really like using cob.

    Stop by Harbir Frieght or a welding supply and pick up a welding blanket. They work great for insulating a chilly smoker.

    Still working on getting the Casa Q fired up. I have a plan to reinforce the firebox so I can. Now I just need the time to do it!
  9. [​IMG]   Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a sunny cool day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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