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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tbrtt1, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. I recently bought (iPad Kindle app version) Franklin's BBQ Manifesto. Good read and reference. He goes fairly deep about his BBQ, including his rationale what he has learned. He is a stick burner purely so some of it doesn't apply, but there are some things that I have been trying. One is butcher paper for wrapping, and hell, wrapping in general (see my post "Forgive me father, for I have wrapped!" for details on my newfound fondness for wrapping). 

    Not to rehash that previous post, but I have been employing wrapping with butcher paper on my smokes. I have become a fan of this method. A few months ago I acquired a pellet pooper and have discovered that I can now get really nice bark and wrap! Who'd a thunkit? In short, I wrap late in the smoke after adequate bark has formed and I wrap with butcher paper. Bingo. 

    Another thing I have been doing is experimenting with the rub. I went heavy course black pepper. For the ribs I kinda did my basic rub (a basic modification of a combination of Jeff's recipe and another one) and added a bunch of pepper. Contributes to the texture of the bark. 

    So here is a few lame shots of some St. Louey ribs I did today. I promise get back to more frequent posts and Q-View, providing that other thing that keeps me busy (work) cooperates. 

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    Nice looking smoke ring and pull back! As long as you can eat it the trial and error is half the fun if you ask me.
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    Did you wrap the ribs in Butcher Paper as well like 3-2-1?
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    That's some good looking ribs!

  5. Wrapped in butcher paper, yes, but not necessarily 3-2-1.

    Trimmed and removed membrane and rubbed. Then prepared pellet smoker and programmed to smoke at 180* for 2.5 hours. At this point I moped with a little AJ and apple cider vinegar (Franlin spritzes but my squirt is broke). Then kicked up temp to 250* for ~ 2 hrs. Not sure exactly how long but I was looking for color. Then wrapped and placed meat side down for 1 hour. The unwrapped for 10 months minutes meat side down.

    I have been experimenting with this wrapping thing and I'm still working out kinks. These were just a smidge close to fall off the bone so I shouldda un wrapped at 30-45 minutes. I don't want mushy but the wrapping does add some tenderness and moistness even if only wrapped for 30 minutes. At least this is what I have found. I have done several side by side with some wrapped and some not in the same cook and always the wrapped were just a tad better.

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