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    My newbie eyes seem to spy a trend towards flavoring. Seems that Fennel is the big flavor in Italian sausage, thyme is used in Louisiana sausage, I assume there is more. What's the flavor for the polish sausage?

    Is there a list somewhere of the predominate herbs or spices per type?

    I am new and just trying to get a better understanding.

    Thanks to all in advance.
  2. Hello Foam.  I am trying to come up with my own recipe.  I can only speak from my research.  As I am sure you are already aware, when you start talking Polish and Greman then Marjoram and Mustard seeds start to be used, to name a couple.  Many of these things are also regional recipes.  I have gotten sausage direct from Germany and the tastes can be very different by region.  The sausage I have gotten from Poland is very different from what is the American equivalent called kielbasa.   Just Google kielbasa and you will see the variations.  Of course I am looking for the Americanised version, hence my experimentation.  When I do get my recipe "perfected" I will post a thread for others to try.  Getting fairly close now.  I would say give a few recipes a try and see what you think.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    Fennel- Italian

    Garlic- kielbasa

    sage= breakfast or country

    Paprika- chorizo or mexican

    corriander- hot dogs

    liver- boudin, braunschweiger

    Garlic and onions= Andouillie
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    Sage, thyme, oregano, basil, lavender, marjoram, mustard, fennel and anise for pork.  I also like lemon zest, garlic and chili powders. 

    Fresh Sausages

    Italian parsley and green onion in most.

    Tarragon, chervil and thyme for fish/seafood and chicken.

    Rosemary, garlic and mustard for lamb.

    For beef I prefer to keep it simple, salt, pepper and garlic.
  5. Hello Foam.  I would say Joe has ya covered for the American versions.  For the true sausages of the region things get confused.  Kielbasa with and without garlic,  German with and without.  As I mentioned marjoram and mustard seed.  Most Polish sausages from Poland have larger chunks of fat in them.  Some German sausages also have this, ( search google images for mortadella sausage ).  Many Italian salamis also have the large chunks of fat.  Braunschweiger is something I grew up LOVING as a kid.  Searching what I can get from Germany I have not found anything with that name.  What I HAVE found is blow your taste buds away braunschweiger.  It is a pretty strong taste and takes a bit of getting used to.  Something you are not expecting but if you love braunschweiger you will be left wondering why the American version is so tame.

    These things may not be of interest but after moving here I found that what I thought was Italian salami was the Americanised version.  As an example, here in England I have seen a product in supermarkets.  It says " American style Hot Dogs "  Most come in a can but some come in jars and both are packed in some sort of brine.  I DON'T THINK SO.

    Have fun.  Keep Smokin!

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    I have had the pleasure of visiting several communities in the interior of BC, Northern Alberta and Manitoba that have large Ukranian, Hutterite, Mennonite, etc populations. They all have their own recipes but the bases noted by boyjko is a good place to start. They make a Ukranian sausage in Mundare Alberta that is unlike any other commrecial one I've tried. My brother lives there and I tried to get the secret. It was suggested I would have to get a transfusion of Ukranian blood to start.

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    Wow guys, I really appreciate all the good info.

    And Disco I always bought a wheel of caso Mennonito and smuggled it in when I returned to the states from Mexico. I didn't smuggle drugs or weapons, just cheese and coca colas.....

    Seems strange to have to smuggle in cheese cause it unpasteurized, and cokes because they no longer make 'em like they used to here in the states.
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  8. Disco i remember hearing that Mundare sausage had moved locations years ago(or  maybe built another store in Edmonton?) but they couldnt get the sausage to taste as good as it was supposed to taste....turns out the water was different.....did you ever hear this?      Dave
  9. disco

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    No, but I get to try it only when I visit my brother or he visits me. I always thought it tasted great.
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    Foamheat, no need to smuggle in cheese, it is legal in personal use quantities, generally 10 pounds or less. I usually go to Mexico twice a year and always declare it and never had a problem. Got all the info from CBP.gov
  11. foamheart

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    Thank you but my days in Mexico are past, but I sure miss the cheese and the coca colas. That cheese and a warm tortilla ........ Delicious perfection!

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