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Discussion in 'Beef' started by kendec65, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. kendec65

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    So just starting my venture on smoking I have been reading a packer may 

    be better to use vs a flat. 

    Since my wife already had purchased a small 4.5 pound flat which isn't the

    thickest, would there be a better way to cook this so its not dry and tough?

    Thanks, Ken
  2. ckynick

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    Hey Ken!

                  Just from my point of view as I have done a lot of small flat cuts (as sometimes that is all that is available) try using some liquid to finish it up. What I normally do, is smoke it with a set temp of 250 degrees, till the bark has formed pretty good, and you have good color (around 165 internal temp). I then either take a small aluminum throw away pan and add some beef broth with a little worcestershire or whatever you desire, and fill it about a 1/4 way up the brisket. Its hard to make a tender flat, especially a small one on the thin side, so I essentially start to braise it after a while. You can either leave it uncovered, but I try to foil it up pretty tightly with a foil cap. Start poking a toothpick around the 195 IT temp, once it slides through like butter, your good.

    Good luck

  3. smokinal

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    I would smoke it in a pan with some beef stock in the bottom. 

    If you have any trimmed fat I would put that on a rack above the brisket so the fat drips on it.

    As Nick said I would foil it at 165 -170 also. Looking for a finish temp around 205. 

  4. kendec65

    kendec65 Fire Starter

    Just to make sure I have this, submerse it in the beef stock and

    smoke at 250 correct? I know this would be hard to nail down, but are we looking

    at about 6, 8 10 hours?

  5. ckynick

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    Id say between 6.5-7 but keep an eye on it because it could be far less. If you use a pan I wouldnt actually submerse it in any type of liquid I would just fill it a 1/4 of the way or so. If you foil, I would add as much liquid as you can. You will be alright, just keep an eye on things, either way your going to get a great piece of meat.....If it comes out to dry you could always make some kickass chili!
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  6. kendec65

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    CKY...Do you inject the night before? Is there anything to injecting during the cook with

    broth or anything?

  7. You could try injecting it with something simple such as a  mixture of apple juice/water or there are many other injections on this site. When I inject it I do it the night before. As many others have said, when you reach 160, throw it in a pan with some broth and foil it, no need to smoke after that point. In any case Good Luck and let us know how it turns out!
  8. ckynick

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    I dont usually inject, only because I love the natural flavor with just salt and pepper rub. Totally up to you, if you wanna add some of your own flavor or try to add some extra moisture then sure Id inject maybe the night before but usually just a few hours or less before....I dont think it makes much difference.

    Good Luck! Dont forget the most important part [​IMG]  
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  9. A 5 lb flat will make 2- 2.5 lb corned beef.

    If brisket is what you really want take the plunge and buy the packer @15 to 19 lb. Each persons fat trim is how we judge the briskets finished flavor. That comes from experience in cooking a few, but learning how that cut cooks in your smoker.

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