Flat Side Brisket & Potatoes

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  1. My 3rd brisket now, just a 2-3 pound one from the store.  I also decided to try potatoes for the first time.  Rubbed in EVOO & leftover rub of the brisket. Cut 3 lengthwise and 3 left whole, putting some cuts along them for the rub/oil to get into. Cook in progress.  

    Brisket at 3 1/2 hours, was wrapped in foil and tossed it back in around 160 degrees.  

    Having problems with a couple pics uploading to my dropbox.  I just took the brisket out and wrapped in foil @ 160 degrees, will upload that shortly.  Potatoes have been in almost an hour now.  
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    I like potatoes in the smoker or on the grill .

  3. When I take these potatoes out shortly, after being in for a couple hours, should I wrap them in foil after cutting them out/stuffing? Or does it matter?  And will an hour be plenty or will it hurt them to go longer?  Keep in mind they are cooking @ 225.  


  4. Well there you have it folks, things happened to wrap up all at once unexpectedly.  I just have to say... WOW.  Smoked potatoes, where have you been all my life?! Granted I was basic with them for the first time, those may have been some of the BEST potatoes I've EVER had (and I've had a lot of potatoes haha).  After a couple hours cut them out & put in butter, sour cream, cheese, garlic salt, and bacon bits (next time I'll use real bacon).  The 3 without foil were slightly overcooked while tending to my brisket.  Too full right now to even open up the foil ones.  

     The brisket, was incredible.  All in all this has to be my best cook yet.  Pulled it out around 196 - kinda wanted to do it sooner, but it was still perfectly tender and juicy - could cut with just a fork.  Just wish I had some others to share the taste test with! (or not - more for me! hehe)
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    Meat and potatoes all a man needs also sharing is overrated when it comes to great food hahahahaahhaha

    Nice job

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    I have got to say, one of my very favorite ways to eat any BBQ, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, is on top of a good baked potato the day after. I build a big potato with butter, and green onion, and cheese and then drop on copious amounts of meat then I ladle on the hot BBQ sauce.

    That just looks outstanding and I just ate supper.......
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    That is what I had for supper tonite.Left over tenderloin on top of potatoes with every thing but the Bar B Que Sauce .I had some fresh spicey salsa I made fri I smothered it with.

  8. That sounds like what my supper will entail tomorrow Foam.  I think I brought some homemade salsa from home to top it to.  Only bbq sauce I have now is Sweet Baby Ray's.  Been meaning to experiment this summer, but honestly... The meat I've cooked so far has been juicy/tender enough - I just don't have a need for it! 
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    I so agree, the first day I never sauce, I just revel in the deliciously moist and tender brisket! And yours looks really good!

    I started doing this when I started doing a lot of air travel. There was a place in Houston intercom that only did Smoked meats, BBQ sauce and potatoes and they stacked it all up. They had the most monstrous baked potatoes you ever saw. It was about the time they first started having real food in the terminals instead airport food. I only made the mistake once of eating before boarding.....LOL
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