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  1. Hey guys how long does it normally take for your smokers to reach temp? I have ecb and whenever o prep to smoke I use 7-8 lumps of coal and use the minion method, but every time I put my lits in I get a huge spike in temp. I darn near pet the thermometer before it settles. Does this happen with everybody? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Little side note how do I upload/ post pics from my phone? Galaxy s2
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    You should have enough charcoal unlit and add the lit for the minion method, for the entire smoke, whether it be 4 hours or 12 hours so you don't have to add anymore charcoal....   If you do have to add, close the lower air intakes completely before removing the lid.....   If I understand you correctly.....


  3. The minion method I dont have a problem with. My problem is the temp spike. Once I put lit coals on unlit coals the temps reach really high temps and spikes if you will and I have to wait a long time until the temp drops down to smoking temps. Do you have a problem with this when using the minion method?

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