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  1. I usually have to buy the whole spare rib package and St. Louis cut it myself.  What do you guys do with the flap and tips?  I generally throw the tips in with the ribs and smoke them, but I have no idea what to do with the flap.  Maybe cut it up and toss it into some beans.
  2. c farmer

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    Yup, sounds good.

    Or smoke the flap then into beans.
  3. I nibble as the cook progresses so I can get a feel for spices. Unless there's another dish for them, they never make it to finish.
  4. So toss everything in the smoke box, then.  Alrighty, Wimp, thanks.  You keep the tips on the main cut until after the cook is done or cook them separately?
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    I leave 'em on and cook 'em. I am not in competition and need pretty. Its extra delicious meat and I really can't see where it changes my cooking guidelines. Why cut them off to make St. Louis? All my friends are better pleased with more meat vice pretty ribs.

    Just how I see it.

    BTW I have had my butcher sell me a good deal on a few pounds of riblets. I used them instead of bacon in my baked beans. Pretty good stuff.
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  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Like Foam I leave them on I like to keep things simple!!
  7. If i'm just doing one rack of spares, I don't trim, but that's rare. Most often I cut to st. Louis for multiple racks to use all my surface area efficiently. Really don't like using rib racks. JMHO
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    The tips are really fatty so they make great pulled pork. Just takes a little work to get all the little bones, cartilage and what not out of there. Just let them ride, foil them if you want and they are done when they can pull apart.
  9. brooksy

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    I trim and smoke them along with the ribs. I eat them as the cooks treat. The flap is awesome and tender. The extra fat in the tips make it a very special treat
  10. This is great, thanks.  "Riblets"?  The tips?
  11. Aka-Rib Tips
  12. I walk away from these forums again the wiser.  Thanks very much!
  13. + 1 on this^.   

    They really make great pulled pork.  I leave them in the smoker with my ribs for the full 3-2-1.  Then toss them in the slow cooker with some  apple cider on high for 3 or 4 additional hours.
  14. venture

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    I assume the flap you refer to is the diaphragm meat on the inside of the rib?

    Like others, I leave it on for a meatier rib after removing the membrane.

    The brisket end I sometimes just smoke up for snacks.  Other times we save up a batch and boil them off for burrito or taco meat.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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