Flank Steak Process

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    Hey all,

    I am a fairly newbie to smoking, however have seemed to master the pork and chicken by doing boston butts, ribs, whole chickens, thighs, etc.  However last night, I was given a good size (what seemed to be) flank steak.  I put it in a Worcester based marinade with some other spices (salt, pepper, onion, garlic), but unsure as to how long it will take in the smoker?

    I am planning on smoking at 225 with a cherry flavor but trying to time everything.  I may also throw some chicken in there as well. 

    The flank steak is about 1.5 in thick and when laid flat about 12 inches long. 

    All thoughts welcomed on timing, smoke flavor!!

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    Your flank steak won't take very long. Some of it depends on how you like your steak. We like ours fairly rare, so we cook/smoke to an IT of 135 then foil it and let it rest for 30 minutes before serving. We usually do Tri tip which is about the same thickness as your steak. I run the smoker around 265 and it takes about 1 1/2-2 hours to reach the temp.

    Cherry is a good choice. I like to do 50/50 Cherry and pecan. I use a simple rub of SPOG (Salt Pepper Onion Garlic) and add chipotle powder or paprika.

    Good luck with your smoke and don't forget to post pictures!
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    Flank steak does very well with a reverse sear style smoke.

    Smoker at 150 with the flank steak in. Smoke for about an hour or till the thick part gets to 120. I like mine rare, so would pull it a little sooner.

    Then remove from smoker and sear on either a hot grill or hot skillet to get a nice char on the outside.

    Allow to rest for 15-20 then slice across the grain.

    This was tri tip, but did it the way described.


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