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  1. forgot to mention my unit is a Masterbuilt Pro dual mod 20050412

    My flame is quite yellow, not a cool blue that I would see on a gas stove.  I Don't see any adjustment for air mixture.  Seems like this is putting out a lot of unburned carbon.  any ideas??


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    Pussycat , hello and welcome to our Community.  Glad to have you and hope you become a neighbor.

    Have you inspected your entire unit yet? I mean , read all the instructions , put an 'eyeball' , on each part and played with the moveable stuff ? A good starting point !

    Now, after your cursory inspection , fire it up and check it out (apparently , you have  ) . so , now I ask , is there a 'needle valve ' in-line with your supply hose , and is the orifice to the burner clean?

    If these checks do not help and other 'Duo' owners suggestions are 'nil' , give the MFG. a call and complain , management usually complies and corrects or in some cases sends a new part.

    Hang tight and help will arrive . . .
  3. I also have a propane grill with the same hose/regulator structure.  I detached the hose from the grill and did a fingertip test on both units.  The difference in output pressure was quite noticeable.  I sent these dtails to Masrebuilt; they are sending me new hose/regulator and valve assembly.  idon 't have a needle valve yet, but i am shopping for one.


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    I went same route last year on my dual fuel. I posted this few times before, but here it goes again. I also had orange flame when set on medium or high. The only time flame looks good is REAL low. Masterbuilt sent me a new regulator, new valve and new burner. SAME problem as before. They did make it right by sending me a new old style electric smoker. There are problems with design but no one would listen. Problem #1 in my opinion the orifice on the valve is too large. (brass part on the end of your valve) #2 Venturi is almost non existent so therefor you getting more gas than burner can handle. In other words fuel to air mixture is too rich. It almost looks like the orifice is made for natural gas. This is just my observation and any comments are welcome.
  5. I believe this is what you are referring to.  I noticed this myself yesterday.  The valve orifice just kind of sits loosely (and crookedly) into the venturi tube. Hard to believe this is going to provide the proper mixing as you say.

      I will be contacting MB again with this picture.  Will be interesting what they say.

    Thanks, Ron

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  7. updated post:

    This picture clearly shows the problem with the flame.  Still don't understand the cause, but this is the result - almost pure yellow and weak flame, and this on High.

    Anyway,  Home Depot took it back for refund.

    I just ordered a Smoke-It Model #1 electric. 

    Wish me luck.


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