Fixed smoker probe on ET 732

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by dave17a, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Pulled the sheath/ wires out of probe on meat and bbq. As you can see here, and they are the same on both probes, there is a plastic sheath that fits over all this. The white thing on very end is a sheath yhat is on the inside of outer. When I pulled on this inner plastic moisture was there, just a good drop. On the right, very end of sheath and inside is aglass looking head that is tight to the tube and that is where the water came out. Ended up taking this sheath off ond threw everything outside on smoker to dry good. put everything back together, oh and there was some kind of red sillycone onthe end of the sheaths. I put some copper silicone gasket sealer and slipped it back in the probe. The bbq side went in easy then put sillycon where wire and probe met. Really did not work till next day and it did work comparing with another temp gauge I had. Food probe took a half an hour to do and  had to use linemens pliers to hold so sheath would not bunch up. It did not work, to much twisting and turning i spect, and then it would not go all the way in. Saved some bucks.

    These are the plastic sheaths that cover it all inside the probe. I hope this helps. Figures that the meat probe cannot be be bought cause it is crap. Bought mine 5/21
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    Those sheathes are probably teflon...   High temp stuff....  The internal wires should not come in contact with anything that conducts electricity.....  maybe the copper gasket sealer screwed the probe up....  drying probes in an oven at 250 deg F, should dry them out in a day or two.....   Probe cables should not be submerged in water or water based materials....     drying them is a PITA....    

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    Everything on the bbq side kept good temps. Got another probe I lowered in there, volt meter with temp probe. It woked on the smoker temp.  lost time on other stuff that needed done, but saved 20.00.

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