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Discussion in 'Fish' started by patg, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. patg

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    Alright all I have a 40" Masterbuilt propane and was challenged by my friend to smoke some lake trout and salmon that he caught last week. Couple of questions:
    1.) Good quick brine for both?
    2.) Best woods to use and for how long/temp?
    3.) Read about an after smell and taste left in the smoker. How do I remedy this?
    Any other info would be much appreciated. I did read around here but looking more for a concensus what to and not to dos.
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    Try the search for Salmon.I do Blackfish and Tuna Bellies in my MES40. Once in a while never had a problem with carry over smell.Keep the temps on the lower side.

  3. sb59

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    I do large trout all the time using this salmon recipe. Lake trout will be just as good. All I ever use is hickory. I've never noticed any carry over smell, & I never clean my smoker. It smells like smoke. I do use diff. racks for meat & fish.
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  4. patg

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    Thanks guys
  5. siege

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    I'm partial to alder when I smoke fish. Apple works well, too.
    If you do end up with a bit of fishy odor, wash the parts of your smoker that are removable, like the racks, drip and water pans, etc. Then put a disposable pie pan full of fresh baking soda in the empty smoker, and let it run at 250° for an hour. Throw away the pan and baking soda after the smoker has cooked completely.
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    I like to use a dry brine 4:1 Sugar to salt (I use brown sugar and kosher salt) mix your brine put a layer of brine in a non reactive container. Put a layer of fish in, cover with more brine repeat. Let brine for 6-8 hours. Remove rinse and place on racks to dry. I season with other seasonings at this point if I want to. Air dry until the surface forms a pellicle. Will be slightly sticky and wet looking, but dry. Then smoke. I prefer to use lower temps up to 180Typically will start around 130-140 for first hour then bump up temps. Take to the texture you like. For wood I prefer to use fruit woods, alder, or white oak.

    I will not smoke fish in a smoker I plan to use again soon for other types of meat. Especially if I have smoked tuna. Vinegar water mixture works great for cleaning and removing fishy odors.
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