Fisher & Paykel DCS Dual Burner for LP, and DCS 36" Dual Stainless Steel Doors for Built In

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    I was going to build a built in, but ended up going another direction and ran out of deck space (a shame, I know..).  I paid a lot for them, but I'm willing to work a deal if someone will take both of them.  I hate to sell them, as they're both really nice pieces.

    Anyway, figured I would offer them up for sale on here.  They are both brand new in original packaging.  Packaging is a little roughed up from being moved around my warehouse a few times, but the items are absolutely flawless, and still in original wrapping.

    DCS ADN20X36 70689 36-Inch Built-In Stainless Steel Access Doors (Fisher & Paykel)

    DCS BGB132-BIL 30-Inch Dual Sideburner with Built In LP Gas (Fisher & Paykel)

    Please feel free to make offers, I will have pictures up tomorrow, however here is some stock photography for now:



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