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    Long time GOSM Big Block smoker here and yesterday I purchased the smaller Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker.  As I get Jeff's newsletters I saw his recent smoked meatloaf with the jalapeños and buttermilk and thought I would give it a try for my initial WSM smoke.  My first observation using the WSM was how easy it really was to set and maintain temperatures.  My initial fire was maybe a little hot as it was at 300º when I first closed the lid but kept the meat off and just shut down the bottom vents to maybe 1/8 to ¼ open and in 10 minutes I was good to go.  I am very happy with the WSM and it really lives up to the great reviews of this fine quality smoker.  Below are the results of my smoke.  It was very tasty and if you have not tried it I suggest you give it a go.

    I do have a question for you WSM users, after your smoke id finished do you shut the smoker down and snuff out the fire or open it up and let it burn off? 


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    Always close off your smoker vents and save the remaining fuel for the next cook. Meat loaf looks very tasty!
  3. I've had a Weber kettle for decades...always closed the vents to save what's left. I bought my 22" WSM earlier this year, and I've always done the same. It goes out fairly quickly, and before the next smoke, I stir the leftover coals around to get the ashes to the bottom, and them dump them out.

    I've gotten lazy before, and left ashes in the bottom during a subsequent smoke, but I think that it hinders the air circulation. Seems easier to control when it's clean!

    The nice thing about the larger WSM is that you can buy a grate that's made for the 18" Weber kettle grill, and it fits right inside the ring. You put it perpendicular to the grate below it, and it keeps the smaller coals from falling through. Maybe you can find something that fits the 18" WSM. When I dump the ashes, I pull it out by the lowest grate, so that both grates and the ring come out as one.

    Good luck with your WSM! I've got 2 butts (a little over 4 lbs each) going on mine right now. I'm expecting to hit the stall pretty soon. To foil, or not to foil? I'm debating...
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    You can do either.  If you are only going to need to smoke for a few hours, some people make a smaller fire ring out of expanded metal or just don't load the stock one all the way to the top.  I usually try to gauge my initial load to what I'm smoking and don't worry about snuffing it out and saving the partially burnt coals.  But either way will work just fine.  I do dump the ashes into a small metal trash can and start each smoke with an empty ash bowl.
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