First wet brining salmon fillet questions

Discussion in 'Fish' started by chef k-dude, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm planning to do some experimentation with the thin-tail ends of some salmon fillets after cutting and preparing the thicker portions for a special New Years Eve dinner for the wife and I.

    I have the little MES30 with digital and glass so it's easy for me to set up for a small smoke to play around.

    I have read around here and elsewhere a bit and I am curious why the brine is needed at all. I am not asking anyone to re-hash info that has been gone over ad nauseam, but any feedback and links would be appreciated to help me understand this better. I'm feeling the wet brine over the dry for some reason right now.

    It seems so many recipes incorporate sugar, more specifically brown sugar. I don't want sweet fish...I am only a marginal fan of fish anyway and "sweet" is not the flavor I get from the smoked fish by others I have enjoyed in the past. What gives with the sugar?

    I'm one of those weird guys that is not a huge fish fan, but when I do eat fish, I prefer it raw as sushi, battered and deep fried, and smoked. I have made the sushi and make fish and chips myself at home but this is my first swing at smoking.

    I'm making the thicker portions of these fillets either poached, pan fried, grilled, baked or broiled for my wife because she is the fish fan and I don't make it a lot so it's a treat for her I do. I have given her a bunch of recipes to select from and I'll do whatever she wants (I do 95% of the cooking to avoid the dish cleaning!). If you have a recipe idea other than smoked for this and read this in the next few hours...I'm all eyes!
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    CKD, I would check the searchbar for tips/ideas ?

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