First weeks results with my MES 30"

Discussion in 'Pork' started by riptides, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. riptides

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    So I hear you folks love this...

    Bought my MES 30" on clearance on 08/11/16 - Thread HERE for reference.

    In that I mention we were doing a Butt smoke for my mom's birthday.. well why do one when you can do two?

    It was a real surprise for both my parents to show up after lunch on the previous Sunday and drop off a scratch made lunch/dinner/snack/sammich filler that lasted them for an entire week.. The second one was kept for our pleasure only..

    Two starting specimens.. When my wife goes to buy meat.. she don't play, and it's her job to rub it for me..

    Loaded and about to be locked.. No, they weren't small at all

    (yes the "water" pan was left in by wife's accidental inclusion, it ended up full of drippings)

    After the flip about 3 hours in..

    Not much different from above.. but here they are "done" .. well except for wrapping and resting.

    My opinion, better than any BBQ house locally, but 6/10 to my standards, we know what to do right and what not to do next time. 

    Not enough smoke flavor for one, but we were shy about adding more and more chips early on, still haven't pulled the trigger on the AMNPS yet, doing that later this week.

    Second issue was with using the app and it resetting the temp and time.. so we kinda lost track of how long they had been on (fixed that with a dedicated timer) so they were wrapped much later than we meant and ended up a bit tough/overdone for my personal tastes. 

    I wish we had better after pics, but a few drinks were imbibed and.. and the camera gets put away because of what happened last time [​IMG]

    I will end that part by saying that by the following Saturday no one had any Pork Shoulders left to eat.. 

    But here's dinner for tomorrow..

    A very light rub, and doing 2-2-1 tonight.

    As of posting this we have 30min left on the timer and then gonna go wrap them up.. will update with better "finished" pics on the ribs.

    The excitement is real.

    Update after first 2 hours..

    2nd Update, after 2-2

    And.. Back on for the last hour

    Did I say these were for tomorrow nights dinner?

    I may have lied at the start of my post.. to myself...
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  2. riptides

    riptides Newbie

    Final Baby Back outcome... they were hard to get off the smoker, until I realized I can just pull the grates and gently slide them off onto the pan.

    And they're magical, even with no sauce... an easy 9/10

    Also, I am a damn liar, but the wife helped, it always starts with.. Let's just have one little bite honey?

    Least we have lunch for tomorrow [​IMG]

    Hope you guys enjoyed this, we sure did.
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  3. wow nice smoke! i love MES!
  4. smokinal

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    Nice job on your first week with a new smoker!

    Everything looks delicious!

  5. riptides

    riptides Newbie

    I've got a minute here and wanted to express my final thoughts on last nights (afternoons) snap decision to make some ribs.

    I've always been one of those traditionalists thinking that an electric smoker cannot blah blah blah.. but honestly, if I can produce ribs like that on the MES every single time, then I cannot see a reason to sit over a hot smoker feeding it all day long chasing that perfect temp zone for ribs.. 

    This is on top of me now wanting to do just that.. fire up the firebox and see how well I can come close, with a smoke ring and better bark.. but the reality is the ribs came out like the wife and I both prefer them, light bark with our very light rub, good texture, just moist enough, fall off the bone, and delicious flavor. I just don't think I could ever get those same results reliably on the charcoal smoker and I think I'm coming around to being okay with that. 

    thanks everyone for the positive thoughts and comments. 

    we wouldn't have been able to do this without the wealth of knowledge this forum provides.
  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You had a Great Week!! [​IMG]----[​IMG]

    I agree with everything you mentioned, and you guys like yours just the way we do!!! [​IMG]

    Keep up the Good Work!!

    Nice Job! [​IMG]

  7. garyhibbert

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    Great first week with your new smoker. Everything looks real good.

    Believe me the longer you have your MES the more you're going to love it


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