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  1. Trying out a turkey on Friday for the holidays. I got an 11 and change lb bird that is going in to a brine tonight when i get home. I plan to give it a butter mop, to try for a crisp skin, and rub after i wash the brine off.

    A few gobbler questions:

    Any good rub suggestions?

    Do i need to inject with anything? (I have done a white wine/italian dressing injection for fried turkeys before)

    Should i smoke at around 225 and then grill/oven for a crisp skin or go full blast on the MES 30 at 275-280 the whole smoke?

    Lastly, thinking about throwing in a small nibbler in to the smoke, just to fool/snack around with. Good ideas appreciated, ABT's?

    Thanks for the help. I will update with Q-View throughout the process later and maybe even a little Kang-View, depending on effects Shnax's strict 5-4-3 process.

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  3. I have done turkeys many times and use a brine for about 2hrs.brining time per pound of bird. I also inject the brining solution into the meaty parts. Time of smoke will depend on your taste. 8 to 10 [email protected] 200 will give you a nice brown bird with a smoky taste. Longer and  will create a turkey that tastes like ham. "your choice" . For an appetizer may I suggest a rack or two of baby-backs. They will be ready before the bird.

    ""pork fat rules" 
  4. I would give that pork candy a go, it looks mighty good. Best of luck with the 5-4-3 method, it's a must for a full day of smokin. [​IMG]
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    I forgot Moinks -- great appetizers...
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    Don't forget the camera!
  7. Thanks again for the help. Got the bird in the bucket last night for a salty bath and set the MES up this morning before work for a quick fire up. Now i just cant wait to get home to put it in some smoke. I think i may go with some moinks if i have time, got to squeeze a little last second shopping in there somewhere.

    I think i will go with a simple rub, probably salt/pepper/anything else sitting out that might look good at the moment. But, i do like the sound of that butter and lemos basting. How often should i do that twosees?

    And dont worry Al, the camera is ready to go for later.

  8. Seperate the skin from the breast meat and slide bacon slices through - usually 3 per breast, fit side by side - helps keep the breasts nice and moist - and who doesn't LOVE bacon??!!!???!!!.

    I would also put a clean drip pan underneath with carrots, celery, onions, and some chicken stock and use this to make your gravy. 
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    good luck on your first turkey smoke. [​IMG] be waiting for the Q-Views
  10. I am not the one who suggested the butter baste but it sounds like a good idea. My guess is about half way thru the smoke and once more near the end. I just let the smoker do the job and the skin is golden brown and crispy enough for me.  I want to thank  Shnax for the pork candy idea. I am doing 6 racks of baby backs right now so I went to the store for sausage and bacon and they are in the smoker now...can't wait to taste them . Twosees
  11. Biiiirrrrddddd

    Got the gobbler the smoker and sipping a few domestics to kick off the holiday break. Didnt have time to run by the store to get some butter or lemons, so went with some modifications.

    Rubbed down with some EVOO and then a rub of equal parts pepper, paprika, creole seasoning, and Famous Daves Rib Rub.





  12. This is about halfway through the smoke. Just getting around to posting it.


    Now about 3 hours in, with at smoker temp of 230-235 the whole time, the IT is at 163 in the Mav probe and 171 IT on the MES meat probe. This seems pretty quick from what i have read on here. It also seems a little white near the joints and on the insides. What do yall think?

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    Put a probe between the breast & thigh in the thick part of the thigh. That needs to get to 175. Another good way of checking if it's done is to pull the leg away from the breast, It should just break away with very little pull. If it resists it's not done.
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    Oh this is all good.  I've done turkey breast before, but now I have 2 13 lb turkeys for smoking Sunday, can't wait to see how yours turns out!
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    Looking good Kang [​IMG]

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