First Turkey in the MES

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by markk, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. I found a unfrozen turkey at the store this morning, not sure why they had fresh turkey's this time of year but oh well. It is 12.83 lbs. due to the weight and concern with time in the danger zone, I am planning to spatchcock it. Question is spatchcock before or after soaking in brine overnight? Will post Q-view tomorrow.

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    I would spatchcock it first then brine it.
  4. Send us some pix when you get started.
  5. Here is my first Q-view. Brined turkey for 18 hours in cranberry juice and salt, rinsed and coated with rub.


    Into the smoker at 250F using pecan in the AMNS


    After 3 hours internal temperature is 153 F. Easily made it through the safe zone.


    More pictures to follow

    Thanks for looking

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    Looks good so far!
  7. fine looking smoking turkeys, they always look so cool.....carcass makes great stock for soups or gumbo
  8. Turkey starting to look great Mark...
  9. The final pictures:

    Out of the smoker after a rest, surprised I didn't notice it was missing a leg when I put it in the smoker.


    Cant' wait until dinner


    Thanks again for the help and such a great site.

  10. Good looking turkey, I also like the stand you have for the smoker, where did you find that?  The old back doesn't like bending over much anymore. 
  11. Thanks Mark.  I need one.

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