First try at whole turkey

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by minichef, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. minichef

    minichef Fire Starter

    Here are some pics of my first turkey. The family liked it, I would have prefered more smoke. A simple smoke of apple chips @230° until internal was 170°. (about 10 hours) I started it after work and it hit 170 around 3am so I had my control set for a hold state @140° until I rolled out of bed. I may try an injection next time to spice it up.

  2. av8tor

    av8tor Meat Mopper

    Look really nice. Did you spritz it at all during to cook? You said you would have preferred more smoke, did you keep adding chips in during the 10 hours.
    At the 170º internal temp was the Turkey still moist?
  3. kratzx4

    kratzx4 Smoking Fanatic

    Looking good. I have to say though surfing the forum today is rough. Due to medical testing tomorrow I am on a liquid diet today. Hey wonder if I can smoke this bouillon
  4. minichef

    minichef Fire Starter

    No spritzing, added chips twice during the first 2 hours, It had a nice mild smoke flavor, but I prefer a deeper taste. The dark meat was plenty moist, the breast was getting close to being to dry. That may have to do with holding at 140° for 4 hours.
    It sucks to keep trying until I get it right! yeah right! [​IMG]

  5. fireguy

    fireguy Smoking Fanatic

    I will usually ad chips every hour on the hour untill the meat temp reaches in the 140s.
    It seems to have a good amount of smoke and yet not overpowering.
    It seems to work for me.
  6. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You may want to consider how long that bird took to get over 140. The amount of time not to be exceeded Per FDA between 40 and 140 degrees is 4 hours. Yours was in the danger zone too long for safty. Crank the heat, especially on large birds. 300 to 350 is what most use.
  7. minichef

    minichef Fire Starter

    Good point Richtee,

    I will actually datalog the temp next time so I know. After 5 hours it read 162° internal, with a starting temp of say 40°. That gives a temp rise of 122 over 5 hours. The temp rise of the bird isn't linear by any means so that would put me around 140 at the 4 hour mark with a linear rise. Not where I need to be, definiately need to change my profile for poultry.

    Thanks for pointing that out.
  8. reddog

    reddog Fire Starter

    I smoked a turkey a few weeks ago with cherry. I cooked based it every 1.5 hrs with butter and lemon juice. After 4 hrs I put foil over the breast to keep from drying out. I put apple, lemon and garlic inside the bird. Took 7 hrs to cook.[​IMG]
  9. mulepackin

    mulepackin Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You can consider using cure in a brine as well. I use Rytek Kutas formula for smoked poultry. Very simple, I do the injected route. I have never had a problem, and the birds always turn out great.

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