first try at pork loins

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  1. nothing special, just picked up some pork loins, dry rub over night . . smoked at 225 with apple chips until internal temp was at 160, wrapped in foil until temp was at 190 . . . went lighter on the smoke as requested by family . . . turned out very moist with lots of flavor . .  family is coming around to eating more stuff from smoker . .



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    They look real good, but next time you may want to take them off at 140-145. They are a lot juicier at that temp. The USDA guidelines for pork have changed & 145 degrees is considered a safe temp to cook pork too. Since the loins are so lean they are much better at the lower finishing temps. Still yours look very good. Nice job!
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  3. thanks for the tip . .  I got some family coming in a couple of weeks and I am planning on doing pork loins again . .
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    Now you have some fine looking tender loin there Joe. Now I have to also agree with Al and say that I would take the loins to only 140* maybe even 135* (my choice) and then wrap in foil and let them rest for some really juicey pork. But I'm really glad that your family like the meat. That way you can keep on Smokin.
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    Nice looking tenderloin. :drool
  6. Nice looking tenderloin! 

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