First Try At Case-less Sausage , Or Any Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by duffman, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. So I took my first crack at some case-less sausages this weekend. I used an old summer sausage recipe of my Dad's. I was pretty happy with the taste of the. They maybe a little to salty but that can be fixed with some tinkering. The real issue with them was the way they looked. I just pattied them into logs really quick before putting them on the smoker. As my wife said when they came out, they look like turds. So we have affectionately been calling them my turd sausages all weekend.  Any tips on getting to look less turd like? I was thinking about getting some small or mini loaf pans and using them to form them. Here is a before and after the smoke picture. As you can see I was test tasting one of them. :)

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    Look good, I was thinkin the same thing. 

    Try this 

    Get your self a q-matz and spray with some pam then maybe roll the log into the size you want. 


    Maybe some Food grade PVC type pipe, maybe 2" spray inside with pam fill, then push it out with some kind of home Made plunger. 



    Good luck and let us know. 

    I like the way you are doing it now, I just slice them all up and vac pac them then no one sees the "turd" effect. 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

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    Casingless Venison SS
    I think it's looks pretty darn Num-A-Num
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    Generally shape them into logs, place in Saran Wrap and wrap tightly. Grab each end and spin twist. This will shape into a pretty consistent log. I do this with meat loaf and fatties all the time.

    Another option is to get a jerky gun, or a sfuffer.
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    One more note, summer sausage sized casings can be stuffed with a spoon.
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    You beat me to it DS.  I figured that they could be rolled and spun just like a fattie.

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    The Video below shows Compound Butter but the same technique works for caseless sausage. The Chef uses her hand but for thin links, turn the open end of the paper toward you and use a straight edge (sheet pan) to push against the sausage. Hold the bottom of the paper in place and while appling resistance, let the top portion of paper slide back as you push the straight edge. Refer to firm the sausage and smoke the cold, unwrapped, links. Parchment paper is much sturdier and a better choice than waxed paper.

    I have used this smoking in Corn Husks too. Use two Husk, wide side overlapping. Carefully roll a smaller amount of meat thinner and longer. Tie off ends and smoke in the Husks...JJ

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