First try at a picnic ham

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    Like the title says, thought I'd try curing and smoking a whole bone-in picnic. Being this was my first attempt I didn't want to possibly ruin a big piece of meat so I found a small 7.5lb shoulder. Cured in Pop's brine for 21 days after a 10% injection. Was originally going to cure for 14 days, but ended up being an extra week as I didn't have the time to smoke it after the 2 week cure. Rinsed and dried after brining, then put in a stockinette and into the smoker. Ended up smoking it for 16 hours total with a mix of hickory and cherry. Smoked at 160 for 12 hours then at 200 to finish to an IT of 150 and then into the fridge. Warmed in the oven the next day and sliced some up for dinner. Other than being just a touch on the salty side, some of the best ham I've ever tasted. I will tweak the recipe a little for the next one I do and experiment with some different flavors and wood species, but for now this was better than I thought it would be. Thanks for looking.

    In the stockinette and into the smoker.

    Ended up with nice color on the ham.

    What the inside looked like after slicing. Nice and juicy as well.

    Money shot.


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