First tri tip, I finally found one!

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    Well, after reading all the great reviews of tri tips I figured it was time to hunt one down here in NE Indiana.  I went to a local butcher shop and hit the jackpot.  The man behind the counter brought out a huge clod of meat and trimmed it off right then and there.

    I decided to keep it simple and use a method similar to @SmokinAl  that I saw in the forums (thanks for posting!).

    Pretty simple: EVOO & Canadian steak seasoning from GFS, I've been using this stuff for years as it's great on almost any meat.

    Question for those who know: The label says "Top Sirloin Steak".  If this is actually what it is, then this would not be true tri tip, correct?  I'm just curious.  I'm guessing they called it that for purposes of being able to ring it up.  Being that I live in Indiana, I'm not sure tri tip or bottom sirloin is in their system.  Who knows...  It was delicious regardless.

    It came trimmed very well, I didn't touch a thing.

    I added the seasonings, wrapped in plastic and threw it in the fridge for approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I then got the WSM lit and as it got up to temp I added the tri tip while the smoker came up to temp with the idea of slightly cold smoking it at the start.  

    I used hickory chunks and I kept the WSM between 235° and 240° for the entire cook which took just over an hour and a half total.

    I took removed the meat from the smoker at an IT of 136°, seared each side on my gas grill running full throttle for 1 minute/side.  Next step was to bring it inside, wrap in foil, and put it in the oven (off) for an hour.  

    Finished product which I wanted for sandwiches this week:

    I now know why everyone loves tri tip, it's delicious!  I think it's best to let the flavor of the beef itself shine through with minimal "doctoring" required and this recipe was great for that.  My steak and eggs were great for breakfast this morning using some of this tri tip.  I can't wait for the sammies!

    Thanks for looking, enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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  2. Looks like a tri-tip to me, sure doesn't look like any top sirloin I've ever seen.  Nice job on the smoke, thanks for sharin, looks very tasty.
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    Looks tasty, but that's not Tri tip of it was cut from the top sirloin.

    The cut you have there is the culotte steak. Tri-tip is closely related to the culotte steak, which is cut from the top sirloin. Many butchers unfamiliar with Tri tip will sell the culotte as Tri tip.

    The tri-tip is a cut of beef from the bottom sirloin subprimal cut. It triangular in shape and resembles a boomerang.
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    Whatever it is, it sure looks good!

    I bet it made some awesome sammies!

    POINTS for sure!


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