First tri tip and a couple racks of ribs

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  1. Just wanted to share - I did a tri tip for the first time today.  Threw in a couple racks of ribs as well.  

    I made a rub and put it on last night.  Smoked all of it at about 225*.  Tri tip came and and was wrapped at 135* and I let it sit in the oven (it was off) for about 20 minutes.  It was a little too rare for my liking, so I ended up putting it back in the smoker (still wrapped) until about 145*.  Pulled it off, let it sit for a bit, then sliced it against the grain as instructed by all of you out there.  Everything turned out great, thanks to the advice provided within this forum, so thanks to all of you for the food I ate!  haha.  Here's a few shots:

    Used a few different rubs for this:

    The UDS all fired up!

    Here is my configuration

    Bringing her up to temp - it was a cooool 41* in North Alabama today

    And on they go!

    steady smokin

    Here is the tri tip removed - notice i took advice to make one slice so i remembered where the grain changed direction - thanks for that!

    ended up being very tasty - I wish we had smell-o-vision!  

    Finishing the ribs

    My rub vs bad byrons butt rub.  

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  2. Looking good dwain!
  3. Nice lookin ribs and tri tip.  Did you use Oak for the smoke wood?  I was gonna do ribs today but had a small butt I did on the little cooker instead. (I plan to make a few pulled pork tamales with the meat.)
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  4. Applewood I've had for a while. First tri tip turned out great!
  5. Cool.  What about the ribs - which rub did you prefer?

    Remind me to give you some peach wood I've had stashed under a cedar tree for a year. 
  6. I like my rub with the exception of the amount of cumin. That stuff is potent. I actually added more of everything but cumin when I made the rub. Next time I may add a little less and add a little more chili powder or other spice. I think most others liked bad Byron's rub better.
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    Great looking tri tip and ribs!!
  8. When I had a big jug of BB rub I would hit it with my coffee grinder then add a bit of brown sugar to offset the saltiness, I got good results, personally I do not really worry about what others think of my Q, when I like it I know they will. ;)

    Now, no more tri tip or you will run the prices up on us in California. [​IMG]
  9. did tri tip for first time few weeks ago not realy avalable  in s.c. ohio krogers wants 8.00 lb for it found it at r.d. for 3.00lb just had to buy 19lb your ribs and tri tip look yummmmmy [​IMG][​IMG]
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    That looks awesome! I do believe tri-tip will be going on my shopping list in the future!

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