First timer here doing baby back ribs. Suggestions needed...

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lsilber, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. lsilber

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    I have 3 slabs of ribs for the smoker tomorrow.

    I have seen 2-2-1 for baby backs as well as 3-2-1. I have also seen some people say don't wrap at all.

    I plan on running the pecan/cherry wood at around 225 tomorrow, but I am torn as to how to do these.

    I'll take any and all suggestions. If you do suggest wrapping, what do I put in the foil?
  2. noboundaries

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    3-2-1 is too long for BBs and works better for spare ribs.  2-2-1 is better at 225F.  You'll have to find what works best for your smoker, taste, and texture preference. I always wrap BBs with about a half cup of liquid (apple cider usually) because they are leaner than spares and can get dry. You can use any liquid you want from water, beer, OJ, maple syrup, triple sec, chicken broth, bourbon, you get the idea (I've done all those).  Start with something easy like apple juice or cider and experiment from there.   

    On my smoker I do a 2.5-1-.5 at 250F for my tastes for BBs, which is actually my wife's preference, but that took a lot of tasty experimenting.   

    When you unwrap them, open them carefully and look for about 1/2" draw up on the bone.  If it isn't there, seal them back up and go another 15 minutes.  Also, save the jus from the wrapping in the refrigerator or freezer after you unwrap them.  It makes a great addition to soups, beans, meat loafs, sauces, etc.   

    Pecan and Cherry mix is a nice choice for pork ribs. 
  3. For myself, much of the fun is in experimenting. You have 3 slabs, why not try all three methods ?  See what you prefer.

    Keep in mind, the longer it's foiled the less "bark" will develop, Love to see some pics of what ya end up with. [​IMG]
  4. Be sure and post some pics

  5. noboundaries

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    Lsilber, how about an update on your ribs. 
  6. lsilber

    lsilber Fire Starter

    I will post more pics later when I get to the iPad. They turned out incredible. Pulled right off the bone.

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