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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by thechuck, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. thechuck

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    Hey everybody, been thinking about building my own smoker (for awhile) which led me here. I live in SouthEast KS, work at a steel fabrication company (in the office but hoping to learn some stuff from the shop), and just got a new place with plenty of room for the growing family so I figured it was a good time to finally do a build. I've been around smoking for several years now helping a relative with his beast sized smoker, but I usually helped with the beginning or finished product and not the process which is why I think its time to start doing it all the way through (though no complaints on the helping with the finished products... smokey, tender, deliciousness... but I think I can do better [​IMG]). So I'll be posting a thread soon (yes, with pics!) on my first RF smoker build. When I do something I go all out... so it started with some ideas, a little research, some doodles, good 'ol microsoft paint (which is where I'm at now and need some detail input), and I've given it to one of the detailers at work to draw it out and make it into shop plans. I can appreciate those that wing it and just start doing fab until its done... but if I don't plan it out no telling what I'll end up with (sounds fun I know, but we'll save that for the next build). So, glad to be here and be looking for my RF build post soon (busy weekend so it may be monday).
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    Chuck, morning and welcome to the forum.... I'm in for the build....  I love watching a new smoker come together....  I have attached some helpful threads in the event you haven't seen these...  they can help with theory and real numbers if you need them.... We have many members that have build successful smoker and put out some really good Q.....   

    Again, glad you stopped in.... enjoy the long smokey ride....     Dave
  3. thechuck

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    Thanks Dave. I've checked out those links before and definitely already messed with that amazing bbq calculator multiple times... we're already good friends! I've ran numbers so many times and messed with so many calculations, thought I was back in school. Don't want to get into too many details on this thread but come Monday I'll have some "logistical" questions on the finer details. Just as a little heads up... I'm using 20" pipe that's 1/2 inch thick, cutting it in half and extending it. Going to be "patio" size but one heavy guy!
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    Hi Chuck! [​IMG]to SMF!!! We're happy you found us! You've come to the right place, we have over 40,000 members and over 800,000 posts so you should be able to find almost anything you want to know. Remember the search bar at the top can be your best friend for finding answers fast!

    You might want to check out Jeff's Free 5 day E-course it will teach you all the basics and a whole lot more!
  5. jarjarchef

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    Welcome to SMF! Great place to come and hang out in. Learn what you can and share what you know.... that is what makes this place amazing....

    I am sssslllllooowwly working on a RF build as well. Great resources on this site..
  6. frosty

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    Welcome Chuck!  Great to see you planning to build a RF smoker from the ground up.  I look forward to seeing future results!

    Dave Omak and some of the others are SUPER at helping your efforts bear excellent fruit.

  7. raymo76

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    Welcome to the forum, can't wait to grab some snacks and watch your build as well.
  8. vegassmokeout

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